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 1 week ago

Here is my long interview with @BillGates on his climate change efforts, antitrust and COVID: Innovation, Not Trees. How Bill Gates Plans to Save the Planet.

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@progressive_va @karaswisher @BillGates He stole Word, spreadsheets, and more. Worked with IBM programmers on Windows, then took a somewhat working version and put into production. Fixed problems on fly. Reboot daily or hourly depending on what programs you ran. No shame billionaire.

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@Playerinthgame @karaswisher @BillGates Bill was really greedy when young and contributed to nothing before getting married. He did not mind stealing programs and ideas from others. So, some big changes, but he will always continue to try to make money and control more than contribute.

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@thehistoryguy @karaswisher @BillGates Bill Gates aint the authority on all things. Keep growing and planting trees.

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 1 week ago

@karaswisher @BillGates On the one hand, I truly appreciate Gates spending his $ on averting climate change rather than making the world more awful, as, say, the Kochs & Mercers do. On the other hand, when I hear Bill Gates + innovation, I can’t help recalling how Windows was just a bad copy of Apple...

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@karaswisher @BillGates Imagine if Bezos thought similarly.

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@karaswisher @BillGates This was a terrific episode. Bill Gates’s optimism, clear thinking and pragmatism came through well. Must say I was surprised by his tact in the comments about investments in space travel 😀

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 1 week ago

@karaswisher @BillGates He had a great segment on @60Minutes last night.

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@karaswisher @BillGates How about trees and innovation. The knee jerk reaction with all wealthy is give me 100% and I’ll make me rich.

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 1 week ago

@karaswisher @BillGates I hoped you asked him why he is so interested in tracking my 70 year old mother-in-law in Idaho with that secret vaccine chip she keeps telling me about...which is her reason to not get Covid vaccinated, quarantine, and see her grandkids in SF

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 1 week ago

@karaswisher @BillGates Dammit! I am nurturing these little carbon capturers with my kids. Cant it be 'and trees?' 🤞

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the counsel has decided 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️...

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