We’ve seen an increase in attacks against Asian communities and individuals around the world. It’s important to know that this isn’t new; throughout history, Asians have experienced violence and exclusion. However, their diverse lived experiences have largely been overlooked.

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Read more in our latest blog, "Allyship Right Now: #StandForAsians"

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Allyship is not about who you are, but about what you do — daily, and in times of need. And there is no better time to stand up for what’s right. Leverage your voice and privilege to amplify the experiences of Asian communities, and let's #StandForAsians.

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There is no better time to stand up for what’s right. Be an ally today, as you may need one tomorrow. We’re in this together, #UntilWeAllBelong.

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Allyship is not about who you are, but about what you do — daily, and in times of need. Everyone is dealing with a lot these days, but be especially mindful of those who are facing unsafety, violence, and hate because of their identity.

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If you're a leader or a manager: it’s especially important to create the space for people on your team who may be experiencing fear, anger, or anxiety as a result of rising anti-Asian hate crimes.

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Show up: Engage with Tweets amplifying Asian voices and experiences, attend virtual events, find your local Asian community centers, and ask how you can support. Here’re some handles you can follow for more:

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Speak up: At work, call in or call out when you see harmful behavior. Share your learning and resources. Understand that solidarity is key to advancing equity for all - avoid language or actions that are divisive and undermine racial justice efforts.

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Ask: Approach questions with empathy and curiosity in a way to understand people’s lived experiences. Do not ask questions from a place of disbelief. Note: It’s enough to simply say, “I hear you.” Don’t feel like you need to provide your own story. Instead, center them.

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Learn: Do your research to understand what Asian communities have faced and are facing right now — at home, and around the world. Seek to understand how we can work together to advance racial and social justice.

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At Twitter, our principles of allyship are straightforward:
1. Learn
2. Ask
3. Show Up
4. Speak Up

Here’s how you can practice allyship right now 👇:

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We also cannot forget historical efforts to create rifts — often perpetuated by the model minority myth — between Asian and Black communities. The time for allyship is long-overdue. The time for allyship is now.

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The sooner we can make that connection, the sooner we can be on the same page about what justice could mean. Does our justice focus only on catching the perpetrators, expecting it to end the violence? Or does it focus on preventing the violence from happening in the first place?

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 1 month ago

Attacks against Asian Americans is as old as America itself but the sheer volume and number have gone up astronomically since the COVID panic. Here's a few examples: 1) 84 Thai grandfather shoved and killed last week in SF 1)

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