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 1 month ago
Quote of the Day, by @TiranaHassan
The situation in #Myanmar requires an urgent response from the international community.

Quote of the Day, by @TiranaHassan
The situation in #Myanmar requires an urgent response from the international community.

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@TNwe9 @hrw @TiranaHassan The army never stand for people.
We don't need them anymore.
We need true army which protect people. We need help from outside as much as possible, as hard as possible. Only sanction will effects only on poor people. Now they try to capture leader from student unions.

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@hrw @TiranaHassan We want our leader back. She is our future, our hopes. We fight for our country,our future and our next generation
.We need democracy for our future life.

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 1 month ago

@hrw @TiranaHassan #Save #Myanmar 🇲🇲
#Save #Burma 🇲🇲
#Reject #the #Military !!!
#We #need #democracy!!!
#Help #us #and #support #our #Leader, #Aung #San #Suu #Kyi #government!!!

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 1 month ago

@hrw @TiranaHassan We as a citizen of Myanmar not agree with the current move and would like to request the world leaders. UN and the world medias help our country- our leaders- our people - from this bitter acts. We want democracy and want our country to develop as our neighbouring countries.

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@hrw @TiranaHassan Thank you

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@hrw S'ils réagissent aussi vite qu'en Syrie...

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On #WorldWildlifeDay, let's recognize the work wild animals do every day for themselves, their families, multispecies communities, and our shared world. Emphasis on *shared.* #AnimalsAtWork #carework #nature @ConversationCA

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Our planet has a stunning diversity of plants,animals and habitats.
On this #WorldWildlifeDay Let’s pledge to stop any form of cruelty to any animal or bird species around us.We need our wildlife to survive! 🦁

#wildlife #WorldWildlifeDay2021 #WildlifeDay2021 #AnimalWelfare

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Breaking News: $VRTV #WorldWildlifeDay @15minofPham @tradingbotnyse @rudydhauwe $COHN $PACV $SIML $VRTV #MWN

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Wir brauchen dringend Nachhilfe vom Tintenfisch, damit wir unsere Impulse kontrollieren und unseren Planeten mitsamt seiner Tiere und Pflanzen auch für die nächsten Generationen erhalten! #WorldWildlifeDay

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What better way to celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay than to learn about the importance of wildlife health, & its impact on human & environmental health. Watch the recording of @OntVetCollege alum @EmilyDenstedt's seminar on pandemics, wildlife, & #OneHealth!

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Zanzibar Queen Hotel is leading the way this #WorldWildlifeDay. They have made small changes such as removing plastic straws, bags and balloons from their hotel.

A great help in saving #oceanwildlife. 👏

We created their #directbooking #website:

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Happy #WorldWildlifeDay
Here are a few of my favourite things from the natural world that have made me smile recently and show how important #nature is to our well-being and that we need to stand up for wild places

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