I'm thoroughly enjoying Seth Rogen having a complete meltdown and calling everyone fascists.

Seth of course is a pioneer of diversity, after all, the maids, gardeners and chefs in his multiple mansions are all immigrants.

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Native American Jon married his Wife’s cousin, Terra trying to screw her sisters husband and Christyana [email protected]$?!D Terra’s Baby Daddy...Lawd come get me nowww!!! #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup

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So Kristianna momma said fuck the fact that Terra was flirting with John. Like it don’t take two to tango #lifeaftelockup #loveafterlockup

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"Many people marry before they have ridden out the wave of red-hot feelings &then will find out they are married to a total stranger". Such a wonderful book.👇🏽

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The way John will not let Lacey go and the way he’s obsessed with the fact that she put him in jail...i need him to move from Va. it’s the only way he will see peace lol #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

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Truth: I’m glad my Twitter family clarified bc I thought Kristiana said she slept with her mom’s baby daddy and well that’s something that a psychologist needs to evaluate. 😬 #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

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Did anyone else notice John's "love after lockup" thigh tattoo? Wtf #loveafterlockup

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Hi world 👋🏻 can I get some love in here? Just started. Follow my journey full of loss, love, happiness, fears, forgiveness, recovery and faith. #love #grateful #Twitter #toronto #Celebrity #loveafterlockup #BREAKING #FridayMotivation #fullmoon #quotes

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Kristianna has me feeling like I've been lied to and here I was riding hard for this woman #LifeAfterLockup #loveafterlockup

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