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 1 month ago

Oh putain j’ai rateeeeeeeeer !!!!! Team keyshia tho !!!! #Verzuz

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Coach Shah is way too normal for Jen #RHOSLCReunion #RHSLC #RHOSLC

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Mary of #RHOSLC fame has announced a small boutique perfume line. With signature scents such as ‘Hospital’ and ‘7-11’ she hopes more people will mask their odor glands instead of having them removed.

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Mary telling her grandpa-husband what to say & how to react is so cringe #RHOSLCReunion #RHSLC #RHOSLC

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what sort of a cult is mormonism to send you a letter saying you’re dismissed from being a mormon. this just doesn’t sit right with me at all #rhoslc

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JUST IN: $MVVYF #RHOSLC @MirandaBurryT4 @AllStreetsWolf $DQ $CRYO $GMPR $MVVYF #MWN

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Omg Coach Shah has me wanting Jen back for a redemption season... maybe we all judged her too quickly? And Robert Sr has me loving Mary. The husbands are great people. Okay I’m wanting all six of them back. I love these women and their husbands. #RHOSLC

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