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Kathryn shits all over people and thinks she doesn't need to explain herself or take responsibility. She thinks a fake apology makes everything okay, she has the maturity and intellect of a 12 year old.


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Excited to celebrate #ReadAcrossAmericaDay with virtual book readings shared by my @KPMG_US colleagues! Together with @FirstBook, KPMG’s #KFFL provides #StoriesforAll to children in need of books. #KPMGProud #ConnectForAGreatStart

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It’s one of my favorite days of the school year: #ReadAcrossAmericaDay @DrSeuss!Our kiddos are testing in their PJs 😊... a TELPAS test monitor needs a good book to read, and @GlennonDoyle ‘s Untamed is what I’m currently reading. I HIGHLY recommend. @PortHoustonES @HISDEastArea

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Celebrating #ReadAcrossAmericaDay with a good book, and #NationalReadingMonth with some of our favorite titles! Check them out here:

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On #ReadAcrossAmericaDay we suggest reading one of Eleanor Roosevelt's books, such as:. WHAT ARE WE FOR?

And why not snatch it up at @Powells online:

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@hollymenino @komonews @AP So #ReadAcrossAmericaDay believes in book burning. Interesting.

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