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 1 month ago

Now it would be nice for beau to ask lucien if he needs to be accompanied to his room later bc he may get lost ksbgkfnf #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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 1 month ago
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Ole is the most frustrating coach ever! How does replacing fred with mctominay change anything?


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This finishes 0-0 and Crystal Palace a glorified championship team are going to have taken 4 points off us this season #CRYMUN #ManchesterUnited

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Bruno has been dump tonight. Does that make Palace a big team? #CRYMUN #MUFC

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United.... 2 steps forward 5 back..No creavity.. god help us on Sunday away to City 😳😳 #CRYMUN

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This is the worst game if football iv'e ever watched #CRYMUN

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15 mins to go... True Story. #CRYMUN

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Never fake it or lie to make others happy. Always remain truthful. Those who will be happy with the true you are the real deal in your life.

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Missing: 3/3/2021 vs Crystal Palace
Characteristics: Disappearing in big games+Diving+always ranting "give me penalty"
Possible Locations : Penalty Spot
Last seen-Kante's Pocket

Might be dangerous towards good players!

🏆 #PL

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