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 1 month ago

"The most dangerous migratory route in the world": A boat hidden in the sand emerges as smugglers seek to take migrants from Western Sahara into the Atlantic and on to Spain's Canary Islands. Hundreds died on the journey last year.

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@AP_Europe Article omits 3 key points 1: this part of #WesternSahara is militarily occupied by Morocco in defiance of International Law 2: Morocco can control migratory movts as it is a police state 3. Morocco is using migrants to pressure Spain to support its claim over the territory

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@peterinprg @AP_Europe I didn't think legal people would use smugglers...

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 1 month ago

@AP_Europe respect for not calling these refugees for once, though you still forgot word "illegal", these are not ordinary migrants with paperwork in order, but criminals

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Junta’s terrorists eager to arrest protestors. They even came in to the shopping mall.
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@TostevinM @poppymcp @RapporteurUn @freya_cole @KenRoth @hrw @USEmbassyBurma #MilkTeaAlliance

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Pro-democracy protestors defending cruel actions of riot police in Sanchaung, MyayNi Gone,Yangon.

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@YourAnonCentral @OpDeathEaters they are using such weapons towards the weaponless civilians.
#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar #MilkTeaAlliance #Feb27Coup

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Save myanmar

@CNN @UN @freya_cole

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