@KamieCrawford I wonder if Paul and these other young men were sending her nudes back in exchange? #Catfish @NevSchulman

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The age of consent where Paul is from (Michigan) is 16 - which is when they “met”. Katy was 18 when her mom stole her pics. Sadly - there is no “crime” here except for the clear crimes against morality and proper parental judgement.

It’s very sad and very sick to watch - I know.

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If I see any of these people on #bip I Literally won’t be watching #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll

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Who, besides me, rolled their eyes when Victoria played the emotional brokenhearted girl when talking to Matt? #TheBachelor #WomenTellAll

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Omg Victoria and her crocodile tears. Girl, you were so damn MEAN. You DO need to self-reflect. Have some accountability for the shitty things that YOU said and quit trying to play the victim!! @BachelorABC #WomenTellAll

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I don’t know what world some of these #TheBachelor contestants are living in. Watching them try to explain their awful behaviour this season. Ummmmm, ok. #WomenTellAll

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Breaking News: $TMBR #WomenTellAll @orclinvestments @MarketWN $MORF $ASTI $GTCH $GETH #MWN

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goodnight peggy & nat fancam coming tmr stream this tho #TheBachelor #Bachelor #bachelorabc bachelorette katie #WomenTellAll #WWEraw braun lashley #AllAmericanCW #AllAmerican

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