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 5 days ago

36 lakh LED bulbs were distributed in Tamil Nadu under the UJALA scheme.

The defence corridor that starts from Chennai-Coimbatore is also an economic corridor will bring jobs and opportunities to the youth of the state.

- Shri @JPNadda


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@BJP4India @JPNadda #युग_युग_जिएं_मोदी_योगी

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@BJP4India @JPNadda Zindabad #God #PowerStar @PawanKalyan 😎😎😎

Mental Teaser, the swag, the attitude #PowerStar Ra 😎😎😎


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 5 days ago

@BJP4India @JPNadda *Bho Shri🙂

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 5 days ago

@BJP4India @JPNadda ये किसकी पोस्टमार्टम रिपोर्ट दिखा रहे हो? मैंने‌ बस सेवा करने को कहा है !😏

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@BJP4India @JPNadda My Dear Friends, brothers and Sisters please send one Email

So if possible drop out a mail

Sub: Extension for 2012 Lateral entry batch

Respected sir, please give Extension to 2012 lateral Entry Batch

Send it to

[email protected]
[email protected]


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@FLOTUS #ByeFelicia "Bed Bath & Beyond" "MyPillow" #MikeLindell "Multiculturalism" #TrumpsLastDay #BidenHarrisInauguration
Thank God the nightmare, with your husband as President, is over. Good Riddance!

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@SecPompeo You're not who America is.

As evidenced by the voice of the people.


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Good riddance.... #ByeFelicia

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Joe Biden just quoted Ernest Hemingway. I doubt Donald can even pronounce Hemingway, much less have read anything to quote him.

... so grateful to FINALLY have a president again.

#BidenHarrisInauguration #TrumpsLastDay #ByeFelicia #TrumpsNewArmy #ExpelTheSeditionists

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