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 5 days ago

The Central govt has allotted Rs 1,600 crore for the development of textiles and its industry, which finds a special place in Tamil Nadu.

This is #AatmaNirbharBharat, with an idea of 'vocal for local'.

- Shri @JPNadda


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@BJP4India @JPNadda Good decision

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@BJP4India @JPNadda Thiruppur Textile Industries

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 5 days ago

@BJP4India @JPNadda अगर कृषि बिल पर रोक लग सकती है या वह वापस हो सकते हैं तो आरक्षण बिल क्यों नहीं हो सकता वापस एससी एसटी एक्ट वापिस क्यों नहीं हो सकता

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@BJP4India @JPNadda In the village level all these funds will be projected as DMK or AIDMK brought. The same story is happening in Kerala. The grassroot level workers of #DMK, #AIDMK, #CPIM (Kerala) are good in doing it. Appreciable though misleading. It's #politics!

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 5 days ago

@BJP4India @JPNadda 🙏💐🍀

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@BJP4India @JPNadda 👍👍

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Who doesn’t like Popcorn❓

#NationalPopcornDay 🍿🍿🍿

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Life is butter with popcorn! 🍿 #NationalPopcornDay!

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It's another #TriviaTuesday! It's also #NationalPopcornDay, so today's question is:

What is the best flavor of popcorn?
A. Butter B. Caramel C. Cheddar D. Dill Pickle

Other answers are accepted. Like and comment for a chance to win a Pickles koozie! #GetPickled🥒🍿

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It's #NationalPopcornDay! What's your favorite popcorn flavor? Here are the best brands of bagged popcorn. Looking for gourmet #seasoning for your popcorn? More in our bio!

Best Ranked Microwave Popcorn, courtesy of @delish :

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Happy #NationalPopcornDay!!! What’s your favourite recipe?? We’ve got a vote in the (virtual) office for salted toffee popcorn!! 😋🍿 And as it’s National Popcorn Day it would be rude to not grab a bag...what you watching with it?? #FilmTwitter

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Retweet if you miss sitting in a movie theater with a big bucket of popcorn and getting lost in a film? #NationalPopcornDay

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@Q107Toronto @joannewilder Probably more healthier with your option but yeah I Nuke it .. 😔 #NationalPopcornDay 🍿

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Just popping in to say Happy #NationalPopcornDay! Remember to keep those buttery bags out of your Curb It! cart! 😀🍿

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