🐼: His fans praised him about cuteness and they said Nong is soo cutee
🐼: Are you cute?
⚽️: Cute krub~
🐼: Hahahah praise yourself
🐼: Cute cute~


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@WinterSeo2 Profile picture WinterSeo


 4 days ago

@ddeongwuuuu 🐼:Lagi siyang sinasabihang cute ng mga fans niya ! Ang cute cute daw niya
🐼: cute ka ba?
⚽️: Oo Cute po ~
🐼: Hahahah ayan sinasamba pa lalo sarili
🐼: Cute cute~


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@ddeongwuuuu Of course he know he is cute and he thrives in it, showing cuteness whenever he can, my yai nong😘

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@ddeongwuuuu Can you send to me?

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 4 days ago

@ddeongwuuuu Thank you for translating phi 😍

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@ddeongwuuuu Thanks for trans ❤

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@ddeongwuuuu can u translate their answers to the random picked questions please?

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#honktwtselfieday u got boxed like a fish? ur wiener is built like a tictac? ur short? grow? ur dogwater? ur literally dogwater? any askers? looking for an asker? did i ask? earnings check? u have none? ur freer than a costco sample? any drillers? looking for a wambulance? Its 2.

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new sweater for my first ever #honktwtselfieday :D

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Check out new work on my @Behance profile: "Photoshop Color Grading" #AUSvsIND #AUSvINDtest #Spotify #Lakers #Gabba #honktwtselfieday #honktwtselfieday #javascript #JHOPE #Brisbane #saburahmedjishan

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you got boxed like a fish
your wiener is built like a tictac
retweets are appreciated:))

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Detangling Brush for Black Natural Hair 2021

#AUSvsIND #honktwtselfieday #TheBachelor
#Detangling #Brush #Natural #Hair

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I feel like these have the same energy of awkward smile #honktwtselfieday

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