@Moijejouee @elissakh الانسان الصريح انسان قلبه نظيف من جوة غير متلون و شهاده خالصه لله انتي عمله نادرة في الوسط الفني ... كل الحب و التقدير و الاحترام 🙏🤍

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 1 week ago

@osamalyrics1 @elissakh @Moijejouee اليسا حبيبتي حاله برا التصنيف ❤️

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@osamalyrics1 @elissakh @Moijejouee مفكرين انو بنحب هالانسانة لفنها الجميل وصوتها واحساسها بس،، محبتنا لفنها وشخصها وقلبها الطيب وصراحتها، أنا من الناس اللي بحترم كتير الشخصيات الصادقة اللي بتمشي بوجه ١ كل الحب والاحترام لإليسا الفنانة والانسانة ❤

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 1 week ago

@osamalyrics1 @Moijejouee 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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اللي ما بيهمني امرهم ما بيهمني ما بتعب ..😁 #اليسا #elissa

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How did Sydney Mafumadi come to the conclusion that Zuma received money which he has no evidence to give in that respect. #tuesdayvibe, Zondo sicela inhlonipho

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The last tomb of the series awaits!

#twitchstreamer #TombRaider #tuesdayvibe #Endgame

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It's only ok when liberals do it.


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the chances of this tweet blowing up on twitter when I wake up is bare minimum. i’d be surprised if 3 ppl see it. anyway, give me a hint if you do see this. goodnight, see you in 8 hours or 10 if I get lucky x

#twitter #tuesdayvibe

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Please help Travis's family continue his courses uninterrupted by financial issues. It's💲8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Please consider even the smallest donation so he can keep his focus on making more of those 🅰️s!
#wrongfulconviction #forlife #freetravisrabon #tuesdayvibe

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Do What You Feel Not What You Hear 👂

#tuesdayvibe #positivity #vibes

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@SashaBanksWWE Happy Birthday to the BOSS!! 🎂🎈🎉🎊🎁 #HappyBirthdaySashaBanks #tuesdayvibe #WearAMask

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