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 1 week ago

Take the mic then tell us which game you’re most excited for this year 🎤

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 1 week ago

@GuyFricking @Xbox You know this game ain’t coming till 2025 or something like that.

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 1 week ago

@Corea_JoseD @Xbox Is anyone taking bets on if God of War comes out this year? Because I will put money down that it doesn't lol

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 1 week ago

@Xbox pc games


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@Xbox Duh, with god of war a close second

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 1 week ago

@Saltyfootball5 @Xbox Wow you're quick surprising that you follow Xbox just to reply for the likes 😂

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@Xbox Halo Infinite or God of War Both

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 1 week ago


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 1 week ago

@Xbox Ps better

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Will you just shut up. You are so disgraceful you make me sick. I thought you might stand up to Traitor Trump but hell he owns you, Liddle Turtle. #QCongress

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