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 1 week ago
And stretch 💪💪 And stretch 💪💪 And stretch 💪💪

And stretch 💪💪

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@Sadio10iii @LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 🙄.

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 1 week ago

@LoCeslogoat @LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Self prophecy

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 1 week ago

@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Yeah they’re not gonna do the same for the transfer window deadline

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 1 week ago

@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 Help us stretch our lead at the top on Sunday

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 1 week ago

@LFC @JamesMilner @andrewrobertso5 dont care sign a CB

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 1 week ago
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We did it guys we really did it #ByeDon #BidenHarris2020

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I'm kind of sad that I'm not more excited about #InaugurationDay; I guess I'm that jaded at this point. But I'm so glad the tyranny is over #byedon #hope #breakingbarriers #movingforward #timetoheal

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As Americans, our work is never done. But in this moment, let us rejoice that Donald Trump’s presidency IS, in fact, DONE! #ByeDon

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Refreshing @potus's page to see Biden's pictures replace Trump's was SO GOOD. #ByeDon

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May he become a ghost that only rattles around with his own misery! Finally free from his lies and ignorance. #ByeDon. Let's celebrate BI-DEN!
A new day for ALL AMERICANS

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#ByeDon enjoy Florida while it lasts #InaugurationDay

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