A legendary challenge awaits those who venture into the realms of ruthless gods. Raise your clan to mastery of exclusive weapons and skills to bring low these cruel deities. ⚔️

Pre-order #GodsWillFall now to get the Hunter's Head Gear set.

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@Docta_Moe @Xbox Gods Will Fall is a digital-only release.

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@StrattonStudios Glad you enjoyed it! 😁

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@Sefa_Yldz Profile picture Sefa Yıldız


 2 weeks ago

@Gods_Will_Fall @deepsilver Hi, we're really excited for Gods Will Fall. But, why No Regional pricing ? This price very expensive for Turkey. Please use the steam suggested pricing. Thanks.

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@Gods_Will_Fall Brilliant trailer ⚔️ Looking forward to playing God's Will fall (:

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@Gods_Will_Fall @Xbox isn't this game using the same art style as sea of thieves, the beginning looks like it would be part of sea of thieves.

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@Docta_Moe Profile picture Moeqawama


 2 weeks ago

@Gods_Will_Fall @Xbox Any physical editions in the works? 🤞🏼

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@tcisking90 Profile picture Yuri Hyuga


 2 weeks ago

@BlancoLad @Gods_Will_Fall @Xbox Invalid comment

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@AfricanBIoke Profile picture 🌴


 2 weeks ago
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@DinoPuppet6 Thank you! Eager to slay these fiendish gods are we?

We might show off another gods, but we'd not want to share their deviousness, lest you end up enthralled yourself!

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@DinoPuppet6 Profile picture DinoPuppet


 2 weeks ago

@Gods_Will_Fall Nice looks very good has been really excited for this game after Ogmios will we learn about the other gods before the game launches or will we have to wait and see the others

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