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Your moment of zen.

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@vizinfn @Xbox Both are better tbh

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@TheSodaMan115 @Xbox can i have a Fanta

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@Dwayne2241 @Xbox Did I ask? Didn’t think so

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@Xbox Zen

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@Xbox To all my fellow Xbox brother's I have decided that your gaming skills is too mediocre for me to stay. None of you guys have the gaming talents that I have. I'm wasting my talents with below mediocre gaming talents in the Xbox community. I have decided to leave.
- Honest Fan🙏💛

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Our long national nightmare is on a plane to Florida. #ByeDon #Inauguration2021

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@WhiteHouse Na na na na.
Na na na na.
Hey hey hey.

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Today’s mood: #ByeDon

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I feel like I’m watching a red carpet event rn. I forgot what it was like to be excited to see my elected officials because I respected them. Now where’s @taylorswift13 ?

#Inauguration2021 #ByeDon #BidenHarrisInauguration

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80 million told Trump the first Orange President to #GTFO #inaugurationday #BidenHarrisInauguration #ByeDon

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