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First day back to work and @SlackHQ has been down all morning... Iโ€™m questioning the start of 2021!

Guess we're back to using AIM

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@RyanSeacrest This just highlights our reliance on technology and our expectations of it. I'm actually still getting my head around the number of FM stations in Los Angeles compared to Australia, and the how low powered the transmitters are!. No wonder such a big on-line streaming presence!.

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@RyanSeacrest having TCCC -

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@RyanSeacrest Hi Ryan!

Do you have a favourite cheese?

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This season of #DragRace is not cute.

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Catching up with Drag Race UK made my week. Joe Black's David Bowie outfit was awesome, I appreciated going for the less obvious Bowie look. Lawrence Chaney brought many laughs and I love Tia Kofi!

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I can declare it right now... I really want Ms. @TamishaIman1 win #DragRace but, if she doesnโ€™t get that crown, she will be Miss Congeniality FOR SURE! The whole world is loving her and now @RuPaulsDragRace own us that. Yes Maโ€™am!

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Tamisha is already an icon. God love her. #DragRace

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this Utica balls look is cracking me up #DragRace

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Tanisha is 49? what the fuck! whatโ€™s her secret? ๐Ÿคญ #DragRace

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