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 4 weeks ago

Can’t say that I remember this Kenny Smith haircut.

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@NBACobwebs The Jet need to pay the barber for the whole cut, or get a BOGO next time.

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 4 weeks ago

@frostybias @NBACobwebs It took years of therapy to forget, and now you're making me relive the trauma. Why you gotta be like that?

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 4 weeks ago

@NBACobwebs I think the razor ran out of juice

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@NBACobwebs woah woah woah what the hell

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 4 weeks ago

@NBACobwebs ya/ll see this @NBAonTNT @TurnerSportsEJ @SHAQ

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@NBACobwebs Don’t let @SHAQ see this 😂

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 4 weeks ago

@NBACobwebs Lol nor do I! At all!

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They’re “defensively responsible,” obviously. #Isles

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Tough loss for the Islanders against a gutsy, gritty, shorthanded squad; YEt you could tell something was different. And That’s Coach Peter Lav... he has the caps playing tough and in your face. #Isles played a good game. Need a goal scorer or 2. Hard not getting a point tonite.

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Begging for this thursday
dal colle-pageau-bailey

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I understand why Ross Johnston is in the lineup. I get why MDC is getting playing time and I like Uncle Leo but in no way shape or form should Oliver Wahlstrom not be in the starting lineup on Thursday. Don’t tease the fanbase like that Barry. Put Wahlstrom in. #isles.

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Barry Trotz is going to shake it up #Isles

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You have nothing to be sorry for. This team is *desperate* for offense, and instead of at least giving the kids (Bellows AND Wahlstrom) a run with JGP, Trotz puts him out there with two fucking traffic cones. #Isles

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I still have trust in Trotz. One of the best coaches in the league and his style is perfect for our roster. But #LetTheKidsPlay #Isles

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