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 1 month ago

Bay Area, stand up! Too Short and E-40's #Verzuz went dumb.

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@revolttv @Diddy Why is it, that most musical Artists, don't finish there album's till old age?

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 1 month ago
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@revolttv @Diddy Wow hate I missed this one

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 1 month ago

@revolttv @Diddy @Treythomas_ this you right here huh watch party ?!?!?!?!?

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@revolttv @Diddy This was the best for me maybe because they’re in my age group. Much respect!

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@revolttv Who won?.......,The Yay Area won!

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@revolttv The old school cars are called ”Scrappers”

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I think today is the one year anniversary of kobe's death #Respect #KobeForever #MambaForever

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I still find it difficult to believe that #KobeBryant and his daughter #gigibryant were tragically killed a year ago today. My thoughts are with #VanessaBryant and their daughters 💔 #KobeForever #KobeGigi #MambaForever #MambaMentality

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I miss you everyday. Can’t believe you aren’t with us anymore. You meant so much to me and it’s still hard. Rest easy mamba. #MambaForever

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Looking back at Kobe Bryant's All-Star Game career (via @1DanTran) @yardbarker @kobebryant @lakers @nba @NBAAllStar #kobe #kobebryant #mamba #mambaforever #lakers #lakeshow #nba #basketball #nbaallstar #nbaallstargame #nbaasg

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The Most Important Thing is to try and Inspire Other People so that They Can be Great in Whatever They Want To Do. ~Kobe Bryant

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