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 1 month ago

Here's your list of qualifiers from today's rally!

🏆 #DiRTRally 2.0 World Series | 🎮 DiRT Rally 2.0

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Kathryn shits all over people and thinks she doesn't need to explain herself or take responsibility. She thinks a fake apology makes everything okay, she has the maturity and intellect of a 12 year old.


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For the love of God can we let this shit go! I’m so over this narrative!! Leva and her crew are on my nerves #SouthernCharm

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Leva’s entire storyline is freaking out about an inadvertent emoji. Heifer please. Your psychopathic woke schtick is BORING.

P.S.: you’re an insufferable, entitled, narcissistic immediate-fast-forward a’hole.

#SouthernCharm @Andy @BravoTV

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Welp.. Madison did score a 3 pointer on the fact Dani has bitched to every last one of them multiple times.
And they keep talking behind Kathryn's back constantly.
Crazy or not, she's right #SouthernCharm

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I am no fan of Kathryn, but Leva and her group are loathsome. What do they want her to do? Apologize every second of her life?! #getalifeleva #southerncharm

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I knew that trashy hooker was peeing on a stick. And to think, she is potentially pregnant by a man who is related to her children’s father. Sick. #SouthernCharm

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