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Quoted @DNPthree

I'll give an XBox Series X or $650 cash out option to a random person who retweets this within the next 72 hours. Bundle includes 2 controllers, 2 games, $50 Digital code & 3 Month Game Pass (worth $850)

To enter:
- Retweet/Comment #FreeXBox
- Follow me

Good luck! 🍀

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#XMenVote Polaris 🧲

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#XMenVote I'm throwing a bone for the Morlock Party

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OKAY I PUT IN MY VOTE FOR TEMPO cause I’m a sucker for d list characters but also go vote for Marrow or Armor too #XMenVote

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Vote por Polaris #XMenVote!

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My vote is for Strong Guy because I love me some X-Factor. Armor would be a close second. #XMenVote

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This I believe is for the #XMen comics not movies, but it so your chance to VOTE for exactly who you want. @AScialis @BradColdstream @vnswift #XMenVote

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