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Sooooo I couldn’t understand for the LONGEST..... why When Simone approach the ladies about what she saw.... they just kinda made her cry and explain herself! Now I’m sure ppl are feeling real real real stupid.. #readytolove

She told them how he was ...and that wasn’t obvious???

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@thecargawd We all wanna know, what’s up?!?!
#ReadyToLove ❤️ #TGIFxWP 🍿

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And then tried to justify it 😂. I’ve never seen or heard anything like that in my almost 28 years of living #ReadyToLove

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Denise is mad. As in mentally ill mad. Can't believe she'd do that!! #readytolove

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Denise is manipulative and narcissistic and I’m glad EVERYONE got to see it tonight! #readytolove

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Denise is NOT representing us well #Cancer ♋️ She showed allll the crazy 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 #readytolove #WeKeepThatHidSis

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Wait...Denise wrote her own message on behalf of Joy... #readytolove

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I think you might like this book – "This Is Love" by Sydney -.

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#bellecollective #readytolove

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