Bir yanlışı tekrar ediyorsan, artık o bir yanlış değil, karardır..

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whats up guys?
rts are pog

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except it’s the two guys I simp for the most

↪︎rts are appreciated

↪︎follows are even more appreciated <3

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hello lgbtq community


- they/xem

[rts are ok!]

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welp I got the layout, might as well join this too lmao

(uhm I hate my face and Im actually in the middle of class and I'm lazy so yeah hjkehehw)

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i have nothing called a good picture, so here ya go.

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haven’t been feeling the best so i made this, happy #quacktwtselfieday <3

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we r both chillin in cedar rapids!


- rts are SO sexy mwah mwah

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