The #badgers basketball team primed for a great year. Might be a rough one for #marquette “ 60 Seconds with Freems” Wednesday edition- brought to you by Roberts Specialty Meats

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@chrisjohnson82 It’s against women in sports. Shameful. How can a girl get tech motivation if a trans boy thinks he’s a boy🤦🏼‍♀️ #BidenErasedWomen

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#BidenErasedWomen is trending b/c he’s saying everyone should be treated fairly & equally no matter their gender identity or expression. As a woman, I don’t feel threatened by this. 1/2

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#BidenErasedWomen I don't like Biden, but if he pisses off TERFs this much on his first day I think he might grow on me.

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#BidenErasedWomen sadly i knew this would happen, Biden is a puppet of the trans community and of course if you don't agree with them than you're worse than Hitler not sure i get the reasoning behind that though

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Seeing #BidenErasedWomen trending, and I got to say to some of you Idiots especially the ones on here acting Homophobic and trans you all need some help using this hashtag to spread hate like seriously.

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Women across the US are losing reproductive rights, are trafficked into the sex industry, imprisoned for self-defense.

But the new administration's first priority is validating sexist delusions of gender, reducing women to a pornified fantasy.


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