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Perasaan saya lebi sering dengar bang Adri, kenapa malah top podcastnya anda anda ini wkwkw @jojosuherman @clairineclay .
My top podcast of 2020. What was yours? #2020Wrapped

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@jojosuherman Lolololo lo eh lo eh.

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Not for nothing but I saw the Ravens backup play and he won't do as back as some might think #NFLDivisional #Bills #RavensFlock #RavensVsBills

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Baltimore should consider drafting a center and back up QB if Huntly doesn't workout. #NFLDivisional

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Ravens still have no QB #NFLDivisional

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Imagine having a running back as your quarterback #NFL #NFLDivisional #RavensVsBills #ravensuck

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Josh Allen threw that ball like nothing #NFLDivisional

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Damn I think tweeted the shit, the day he was traded. But Josh Allen arm BEEN A PROBLEM. But now he has a true Number 1 Mr Diggs, with one of the most underrated defenses in the league smh #NFLDivisional #NFLPlayoffs #Bills

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مشجعين بالتيمور ريفنز حاليا💔: #Nfl #NFLDivisional

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