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 1 month ago

"It's clear: Dashing, and work like it, is filling a critical need for supplemental income in our country, whenever and wherever convenient for the worker." -Tony Xu, CEO and co-founder at DoorDash

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@666TrueMetal666 @DoorDash Revolutionary thought, comrade! I love it. But seriously, our system of cutthroat capitalism is awful and we got to overthrow it

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@nwiMurderLog @DoorDash Kind of. They now will give you $2-$3 if you have a tip included. Lol so $7 or $8. That said, it doesn't matter the distance or wait time for that order. Same amount. But if you don't tip it's literally $3 flat rate on majority of orders.

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@DoorDash Friendly reminder to tip Doordash/GrubHub drivers in cash. Say you have a $35 delivery and the driver is set to earn $10, and you tip $5 in the app.

Doordash uses your $5 tip towards the $10 wage and only has to pay the driver $5.

You're paying DD's operating costs for them.

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 1 month ago

@DoorDash How many class action suits have been won against Door Dash for stolen tips or wages?

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 1 month ago

@DoorDash I wonder how this writer’s health insurance is. And what happens if a delivery person has an accident while delivering?

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 1 month ago

@DoorDash Taking the small profit margin from restaurants - excellent business model - make your money on the backs of others’ hard work.

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 1 month ago

@DoorDash Thanks for your slave wages.

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@DoorDash I just love a service where the tip is given before the service is rendered - and your service is "not".

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 1 month ago

@DoorDash Or our day jobs could pay a living wage so we can spend time with our families...

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Luna giving Kellyanne the side eye. #catsjudgingkellyanne

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Totally loving #catsjudgingkellyanne - its so cute!

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Love how certain comp is trying so hard to appeal to public but nobody care meanwhile #Catsjudgingkellyanne is trending 😂 all these 🐈 not approving got me rolling did zuzu power reach this height too 😆

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Merlin is shocked. Shocked, I tell you #catsjudgingkellyanne

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Catfish says, “I hope the door hits ya on the way out!” 🖕🏼 #catsjudgingkellyanne

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