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GIVEAWAY Galaxy Watch 3 buat 1 orang! 

gua abis cobain fitur blood oxygen levelnya #GalaxyWatch3 nah kalian sebutin fitur lain apa yang gua pake di video ini?

Reply sebanyak-banyaknya, RT & LIKE tweet ini, pake hestek #GalaxyWatch3 & follow @SamsungID ya. 


Pengen punya #GalaxyWatch3 karna pengen manfaatin feature Running form analysis buat olahraga hmmm

Dapet ini aku janji rajin olahraga, apalagi bareng kamu

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Eindeutig oder? #TwitchRecap

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My #TwitchRecap...I feel like it’s inaccurate cuz some of those emotes I dont use plus i got to 200 followrs before 2020 ended

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Peu étonné mais @rastapiz est totalement sous côté.

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Gracias my demons!! Iremos mejorando en 2021, confio en ello👹


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I have been taking alot more time off from stream lately and making alot of stuff lately, but enjoying learning new things as I do maybe ill start streaming this stuff #TwitchRecap

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#TwitchRecap won’t tell me my hours stream but hey that’s ok! Not sure how I’ve watched my channel either hahah

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