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BREAKING NEWS: Your parents will be alive to witness your success. Rt and claim it.

C'est maintenant je comprends pourquoi Dieu laisse la vie aux méchants.

"- De toute façon le ver est dans le fruit.
- Oh 🙂 #DearMom. Il tombera. Il tombera avec les fruits qu'il ronge. L'arbre est là pour rester."

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I just want to say that yall are the reason why I stream. I have grown so much the past year! I love you guys so much and I can't wait to grown more in this new year! 2021, let's get it! #TwitchRecap

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None of my emotes somehow but hey, we'll get our emotes there for this year recap lol
Thanks everyone who made all of this possible, love you all big time <3
Also, I like how @Twitch 's " :) " is shirtless.
#TwitchRecap #TwitchAffilate

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