PS. In addition, you'll also get a set of exclusive goodies including avatars, posters, and a wallpaper!

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@Josiah_Reigner @CyberpunkGame You most likely will. It would be stupid of them to announce this now if not.

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@davidwkdjwk Profile picture Dave Kinghorn


 1 month ago
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@NoodleBlueX @CyberpunkGame i have it preordered 2 months ago already and didnt recieve anything, i might have missed something

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@Owneroftroll5 @CyberpunkGame Lol the game hasn't released yet

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@NoodleBlueX Profile picture NoodleBlue


 1 month ago

@CyberpunkGame Sorry this is gonna sound stupid, but I assume you get it even if you’ve already preordered it on steam

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@CyberpunkGame If I pre-ordered it before this I'll still get them right?

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@singh9678 Profile picture Harcharan Singh


 1 month ago

@CyberpunkGame Pre ordered it the day it was available last year. So can't wait 😍

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@CyberpunkGame I already pre ordered it l. Am i also going to be able to get this?

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@MrSocietyVEVO Profile picture Joe


 1 month ago

@CyberpunkGame Any pre-orders for PS4 and Xbox?

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Get #Cyberpunk2077 on @Steam to receive a short story written by our Story Lead, Tomasz Marchewka.

"2AM — She Calls" will show you the hostile streets of Night City as seen by Frank, an ex-NCPD officer working the night shift as a Combat Cab driver.

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Highly competitive fight between Zawada and Emeev

How did you score it? #UFCFightIsland7

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We have a new fight of the year!! Awesome stuff #UFCFightIsland7

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Niezależnie od wyniku bardzo dobrze ogląda się dziś Davida Zawadę. #UFCFightIsland7

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Why do all these Russians come in such heavy favourites? Emeev is so bad #UFCFightIsland7

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@ESPNKnockOut @andres_bermudez @gastonreyno #UFCFightisland7 #UFCxESPN #ESPNknockout en sintonía desde Panamá. Esperando que @joselyneMma29 active desde temprano el botón de la candelita.

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29-28 Emeev, what a fight! #UFCFightIsland7  #UFC

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Como assistir UFC ao vivo - Mobizoo #UFC #UFCFightIsland7

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One hour left before the #UFCFightIsland7 main card gets under way!

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