Even the citizens of Night City need a pick me up. Head to your nearest store to collect all 5 limited edition @CyberpunkGame cans and go to to redeem your tabs for a chance to win a slew of daily prizes. NoPurNec, US + CA only.

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@KMajstr Profile picture KubeMajstr


 5 days ago

@c_coltonpma @rockstarenergy @Xbox @CyberpunkGame The fact that you still play that is mind blowing to me. That game has been so stale and boring for years. The only good thing that happened to Gta V is launch first week of online and FiveM.

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@c_coltonpma Profile picture c


 6 days ago

@rockstarenergy @Xbox @CyberpunkGame I’m more hyped up about that gtav update now

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@chungusnugs Profile picture sullie


 6 days ago
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@Aaron4036 Profile picture Aaron


 6 days ago
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@FreakyHokage Profile picture Buddy


 6 days ago

@jakob_long_ @rockstarenergy @CyberpunkGame I'm hooked on punched lol

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@onDboat Profile picture Daniel F


 6 days ago

@rockstarenergy @CyberpunkGame Which stores in Canada?

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@neekolul Profile picture neekolul


 6 days ago

@rockstarenergy @CyberpunkGame AHHHHH!!! LETS GO!! 🥳

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@NameeIsMatt Profile picture Matt


 6 days ago

@rockstarenergy @CyberpunkGame I buy it by the cases but no cyberpunk ones

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@jakob_long_ Profile picture Jakob Long


 6 days ago

@rockstarenergy @CyberpunkGame Already have🥳. I have a bunch of them. everytime I go to the store I get some😂. The samurai cola is so good! you guys should make it a all the time thing not limited time. I’m actually drinking one the drinks now. Can’t wait for @CyberpunkGame been waiting so long.

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