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If you’re going to survive Night City, you’re going to need the right tech. Gear up with Stadia Premiere Edition for free when you pre-order #Cyberpunk2077 on Stadia!

Check out our blog for all the details:

Just pre-ordered! Have you?

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@RatioedLol @CyberpunkGame Im going PS4 Pro and then hopefully upgrading to the PS5 at some point

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 2 months ago

@Codistrash2 @CyberpunkGame They would get 5 FPS

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 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame not on stadia

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@CyberpunkGame Gonna be postponed again anyway

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 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame what's a stadia

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 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame Not on stadia🤡🤡

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 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame Definitely not on stadia

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First alert with ‘President Biden’ and it’s a damn fine one! So nice to not flinch when I see a sentence starting with ‘President...’ #ParisClimateAgreement

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🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😫😫😫😫 ok who’s getting drunk and celebrating with me ???? ✨🎊🎊🎊 #ParisClimateAgreement

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@ABCPolitics The #ParisClimateAgreement accord will not keep the rising waters of the global #climatecrisis from coming. #notenough #GreenNewDeal #GreenNewDealFirst100days #First100Days

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Biden had a run of the mill speech, EO undoing Trump EO begin rolling out tonight.

Hope they can articulate why getting back into #ParisClimateAgreement and halting Keystone pipeline benefit Americans

#Bitcoin will do well under Biden. But I hope and pray America does well too

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This #WombatWednesday absolutely feels like the one to crack open a bottle. 🍾
Northern hairy-nosed #wombats are among the most critically endangered species on earth, and the #ClimateEmergency is one of their key threats. Welcome back to the #ParisClimateAgreement, America!

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Yes thinking about u all #ParisClimateAgreement

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Reversing the heinous “Muslim ban"
Rejoining WHO & #ParisClimateAgreement
Revoking Keystone pipeline
Halting evictions
Taking real action to combat #COVID

And this is just the beginning. #BuildBackBetter

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Sustainable peace is our reality 🌱
#BehavioralEconomics 🌱🌳🌱
#ParisClimateAgreement 🌱🌲
#STEM ⁴ Peacebuilding 🐝 #behavioralscience 🌪️

@WMO 🌎🌏🌍

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