See JALI in action! This is the lipsync technology powering speech of *every* *single* *character* in #Cyberpunk2077 and making talking to them feel authentic in all 11 VO languages.

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@CyberNate2077 Profile picture Nathan


 2 months ago

@CardinalStr0ng @CyberpunkGame That's the funniest shit I've ever seen 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 almost as fun as a pickle

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@Lars_Blitzer Profile picture Mike


 2 months ago

@Fraitheart22 @CyberpunkGame From what I saw in the YouTube about the lip synching from the company itself, not just the little bit we see here, Spanish is definitely one of localization languages.

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@CyberpunkGame Hey @CyberpunkGame I reserve and paid my game in amazon. Are you so kind to include VO in #Spanish in your version of America/Latin America? at least allow the download of voices, in America a lot of us speak Spanish (◞‸◟) Thanks

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@zotabanga Profile picture ZOTABANGA 🅨


 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame Lips synchronised

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@Gattsu_88 Profile picture Gattsu


 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame Damn this tech is incredible 🤯....

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@batuhanyr0 Profile picture batu


 2 months ago
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@ThfcJack1234 Profile picture jack1234


 2 months ago

@CyberpunkGame Dead game

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