Time for some #Cyberpunk2077 music – listen to our team of composers (@kwazol, @PaulLeonardMorg & @ptadamczyk) shedding some light on the in-game score, radio stations, and the ideas and creatives processes behind them! 📻🎶

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@GPHustla @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk We love that option as well!

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@ReduxBoi Profile picture Redux


 1 month ago

@Date_Masa666 @CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk I'm expecting 60 fps on PS5 day 1, then when the next gen update comes out you'll have an option between stuff like 4k and ray tracing or just ray tracing and 60fps.

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@laitzXD Profile picture Jesper


 1 month ago

@holisticweirdo @CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk most likely

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@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk (PS4 version) be 60fps on the PS5?

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@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk The fact that you give us an option to disable dmca issue tracks is amazing. Thank you so much

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@JohnFranbo Profile picture John Franbo


 1 month ago

@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk y’all doing everything except release the game

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@domikiuks Profile picture Domi


 1 month ago

@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk Perturbator please

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@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk Will there be controller support on PC on launch day?

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@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk Thank god you guys put in a streaming mode to disable some tracks.

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@CoderageP Profile picture CodeRage(pepo)


 1 month ago

@CyberpunkGame @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @ptadamczyk Yellow to whoever is reading this, hope your having a lovely day

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 1 month ago
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Will drop this weekend's #NFL Divisional Round Anytime TD Parlay closer to kickoff of the #GoPackGo #RamsHouse game.

Looking to win our third in a row. +985 and +2469 in our pockets from past two weekends. 👀🔥 #GamblingTwitter

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Game day baby!!!! #GoPackGo

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Hoy estaremos en @RePUBlicaCC siguiendo todos los lineamientos del Ministerio de Salud respecto a la atención los protocolos para evitar el #COVIDー19

Además de uso obligatorio de mascarillas y lavado de manos. Atendiendo el aforo permitido para el local.


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Heute dann Divisional Round @ProSieben @ransport #ranNFLsuechtig @EsumePatrick
@BjoernWerner @CSpengemann @volkerschenk26
Meine Tipps für Heute:

1.Spiel: #GoPackGo
2.Spiel: #BillsMafia

Hoffe auf gute und spannende Spiele so wie letzte woche🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

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#Packers defense needs to play a complete postseason game in January for the first time since February 6, 2011. If Mike Pettine opts to play soft coverage and not rush 4-5 guys at a QB with a broken thumb, he’s as delusional as we think he is. #Rams #NFL #GoPackGo

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BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Black Natural Hair, Detangler Brush for Natural Black Hair Curly Hair Afro 3/4abc Texture, Faster n Easier Detangle Wet or Dry Hair with No Pain (Pink) #Amazon #AmazonPrime Bow Wow #GoPackGo #Caturday

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