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 2 weeks ago

Today we celebrate the power of play together.

A message from @XboxP3 on Xbox Series X|S Launch Day:

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 2 weeks ago

@Hekman29 @Xbox @XboxP3 amen to that.

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 2 weeks ago

@stal60211539 @Xbox @XboxP3 Yea they fucked up everything bro. Spent time giving celebrities the Xbox and only put out a small amount in stores smh. This whole preorder thing is a joke. Making me do extra information causing me to lose my order

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 2 weeks ago

@mraftw @Xbox @XboxP3 Why is that guy everywhere 😂

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 2 weeks ago
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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 Thank you Microsoft!!

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 when will they be back in stock? i’ve heard some say it’s wednesday. I wanna buy this thing ASAP.

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 2 weeks ago
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@Xbox @XboxP3 Huge dub

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 PlayStation better

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After Dak went down, Zeke definitely hasn’t stepped up #DallasCowboys #WASvsDAL

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Dalton Schultz another penalty. #WASvsDAL #DallasCowboys

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Cowboys are losing and don't look good, get away with one missed call. #WASvsDAL

Every hater in the world: cOWboyS aRE paYIng ThE ReFS!!!!!

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Zeke is gonna run mad now! Bout time! #NFL #FantasyFootball #WASvsDAL #DallasCowboys #WashingtonFootball #Thanksgiving

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Did the @NFL just go to commercial of the #WASvsDAL game with a @phish rift??

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Dallas novamente no ataque

#NFLnaESPN #NFL #NFLBrasil #NFLTwitter #WashingtonFootball #DallasCowboys #WASvsDAL

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Aikman and Buck REALLY wanted that to be offside. #WASvsDAL

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