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 5 months ago

Just heard the shocking news about @itsSSR. My deepest condolences to his family. May god give them strength. I still find it hard to absorb.

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@RamzanSiddiqu19 @shahidkapoor @itsSSR so true brother..it is very disheartening... #upsetting. Sushant why did you do that...

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@shahidkapoor @itsSSR its realy shocking news for all of us😢😢

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@prakap09 Profile picture Prakhar Kapoor


 5 months ago

@shahidkapoor @itsSSR ना जाने कब किसके मन्न में क्या चलता है।।।

Its important that we speak, we talk, we express... 💔

#RIPSSR #SushantSingh

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@rathore_kisan Profile picture KISAN RATHORE


 5 months ago

@shahidkapoor @itsSSR Naver😔☹️😔

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@shahidkapoor @itsSSR So many tragedies in a single year 😷😷

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@shahidkapoor @itsSSR Rest in peace ! It’s so harsh to absorb

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@shahidkapoor @itsSSR suicide reason ?

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@cricbuzz it seems to look like that both #AUSvsIND have got better of opponents strength the power of bowling starc and bumrah

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MItchell frickin' Starc is highly overrated by Australians


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क्या राहुल से ओपन करना चाहिए?
सैनी और मयंक की जगह शार्दूल और संजू को मौका देना चाहिए? #AUSvsIND

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I think it's time Kohli starts doing what Pakistan captains always used to say in every match

Boys played well 🤭🤭🤪🤪🤪


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We're being spoilt with some great batting today. #Warner #Smith and now #Virat🏏😍 #AUSvsIND

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