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 1 year ago

PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah Achieve the Impossible

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@arunjaitley Big thank u to you too. Inspite of poor health u gave it all to find a way legally.

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@arunjaitley अविस्मरणीय पल सर।।

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@arunjaitley U to sir 🙏🙏

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 1 year ago

@arunjaitley We are missing your speech in parliament today

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@arunjaitley Great achievement

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@arunjaitley 2300 वर्ष बाद आज वो समय
फिर से आया है जब चन्द्रगुप्त देश का प्रधानमंत्री है और चाणक्य देश का

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#IWearAMaskBecause I believe we should respect one another.

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#IWearAMaskBecause they will kick me out of Walmart if I don't 😂

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#IWearAMaskBecause it isn't about "my freedoms", it's about being compassionate for my fellow citizens, even the dumbass ones.

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#IWearAMaskBecause I believe in science and care about others.

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#IWearAMaskBecause 1 Corinthians 10:31, If you choose to not follow a healthy lifestyle, to not eat in a healthy manner, to not practice self-control, to not exercise, and to not care about your body, you are choosing to not honor God.

Just brought another mask 🙏🏽

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