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Over 266,000 Americans are dead from COVID19 because of you. We will never forget all of the Americans you have killed, and we vote. #VOTE

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45 não derrotou o 50. O número que definiu as eleições em São Paulo e foi o 29. 29,3% de abstenção. #vote

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Every girl has that one guy she goes back to, heartbreak after heartbreak, & nobody knows why, not even her. & she just can't let go. #vote

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Georgia GA #Vote
#OglethorpeUniv #Usher #RicardoAllen #McDonough #Americus #Ludacris #Warrenton #GladysNight
Register by: December 7, 2020
Find Polls:
Out of U.S.A.:
Vote by Mail:

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Sociopaths and Psychopaths are Not equipped with EMPATHY! Only thing that bothers loeffler is, she got caught, & how to get out of it!
Remedy; #VOTE Warnock & Ossoff, Georgia Run-Offs Jan 5th! See How Simple?!!!

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@JoeBiden Most of the Americans have shifted their faith from God to money,  only a blood lesson can help them to wake up
part 1

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Remedy; #VOTE Ossoff and Warnock...Period!

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@charliekirk11 Have to say no! They told us that as of November 2, 2020 #voterf_r_a_u_d had been eliminated! How can this happen? Our faith is ebbing...... #Vote #Trump2020 #Biden

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Overseas #Veterans you are in our thoughts and prayers. If you are from Georgia, please request your mail-in ballot and #VOTE ASAP FOR @ossoff AND @ReverendWarnock - OUR LIVES DEPEND ON YOU.

Request here:

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@MeidasTouch LET THEM SUE AWAY!!
#LootingLeoffler & #PerdueCorruption have opened up a can of ‘whup @$$’ with these actions.....

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Oops, Me, too! Oh well...Remove CROOKS loeffler & perdue, Georgia!
#VOTE Ossoff & Warnock, Georgia Run-Offs Jan 5th!

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#vote for Abhijeet

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Overseas #Veterans from #Georgia request your mail ballot and #Vote asap for @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff. We need a Democrat majority in the Senate to save the regular folks. Thank you @Votevets @Vets4Biden @ImprisonDJT

Request your ballot here:

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Help the stupid OnlyFans whore win to own the haters 💅🏻 #Vote

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'This is propaganda': Fox News' Maria Bartiromo slammed for 'softball' Trump interview - - #USPolitics #Vote #BidenHarris #Election2020

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Remove loeffler and perdue! CROOKS using the Senate to ENRICH them selves and Screw Georgians & Americans!
Remedy; #VOTE Ossoff & Warnock! Simple!

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@gregkellyusa @FoxNews #trump #maga #donaldtrump #usa #republican #conservative #america #trumpon #politics #kag #makeamericagreatagain #trumptrain #biden #keepamericagreat #TrumpTrain #electionintegrity #PatriotFollow #wwg #democratscheat #trumpsupporters #IStandWithDonaldTrump #vote #wga #WWG1wga

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Georgia Run-Offs Jan 5th
#VOTE Warnock and Ossoff!

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Hmm this nation , @KagutaMuseveni shame on you , Ugandan lives are now worth compensation than being protected, @ug_lawsociety record this confession to murder, it will be useful in the future. Shame shame on you @KagutaMuseveni
#vote @HEBobiwine

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#Georgia #VeteransAgainstTrump If you are a #Georgian who is overseas, would you please request your mail in ballot asap, so that you can #Vote @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock in the Senate runoff races on Jan. 5, 2021?

Thank you @votevets

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❤️ @ReverendWarnock 🇺🇸 #VOTE

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Nossa, eu falo o mesmo de POA...

#Manu #Vote65 #Vote

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DESPICABLE! perdue, too!
Georgia, this is what you want as your Representatives?!
#Vote Ossoff and Warnock...They are going to SERVE You, Georgians! Run-Offs Jan 5th! Mail-In #VOTES already began!!!

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#Vote #GAGOP #defeatcommunism or lose your freedom; you don't get another chance.

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#Vote #defeatcommunism #sunday @GaRepublicans @gagop12 @GaGOP10 @LPNational You will lose your freedom if you don't vote. Ronna McDaniel Campaigns In Georgia, Takes Question From Frustrated Trump Voter Who Says Senate Races ‘Already Decided’

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@MeidasTouch Corruption continues, this needs to be Investigated and they need to be held accountable, just not right

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In 2016, @ReverendWarnock hosted community leaders and public servants at the Ebenezer Baptist Church for the 30th anniversary of MLK Jr. Day.

I was struck by his humility and dedication to serve others. He’ll make an excellent Senator. Support his race:

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Não quero ver ninguém reclamando de SP nos próximos 4 anos.

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I'm not a self-funding millionaire. I don't have dark money donors waiting in the wings.

This campaign is fueled by grassroots donors chipping in whatever they can because they believe a brighter future is possible. Join us. #SenateSunday

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Don’t let that stupid OnlyFans whore win this made-up internet popularity contest

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Perdue got rich. Georgians got sick.

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BREAKING: Judge Timothy C. Batten has issued an emergency order, ordering the preservation of ALL voting machines in the state of Georgia as a result of our lawsuit.


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NEW: Jared Kushner and a small crew of White House advisers are heading this week to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, I'm told.

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We can pass a historic infrastructure plan that includes massive investments in clean energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

But we need to win the Senate.

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Almost half (47%) of U.S. likley voters now believe there was enough fraud to ensure Biden would win in the recent elections, including 75% of Republicans & 30% of Democrats. Please retweet.

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@MeidasTouch It is said that the truth hurts. She must feel the pain of her deceitfulness.

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It's a great day to register to vote. #VoteYourPawssoff

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Trump: They say you don’t have standing. You mean as president of the United States, I don’t have standing. What kind of a court system is this?

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@MeidasTouch Sue for what? Blatant truth telling.

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@MeidasTouch Darn, my finger slipped and I re-tweeted. Oops.

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Trump is using his final 52 days in power shilling for traitors past and present. He threatened to veto the defense bill that removes the names of Confederates from our USA military bases. Veteran @RepAnthonyBrown explains why we must #ChangeTheBaseNames!

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Trump STILL refuses to believe the results, but come January, if he refuses to leave, we’d be happy to WALK HIM OUT.

#WalkHimOut #TrumpYouLost

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🚨BREAKING: 900,000 Georgians have requested their ballots for the January 5 runoff elections. Request yours today and help elect @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff to the U.S. Senate: . 🗳 #gapol

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Today I'm thinking about all the families who have an empty seat at Thanksgiving this year after losing a loved one, our nation’s frontline workers who are spending the day saving lives, and those who are serving overseas. Each and every one of you is in our hearts.

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
Now is your chance to rise above the rest.
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Gear up with a machine as savage as you are.
Stylish outside.
Savage inside.

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