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Lets see how Amazon likes it!
Bezos is going to start yelling #Stopthesteal in February.. LoL

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Commander in Corpse 🤦🏻‍♂️ #StopTheSteal🇺🇸

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Another one. "Had a great meeting today with folks from "Stop the Steal" at our nation's Capitol. I encouraged them to keep fighting and assured them I look forward to doing MY duty on January 6," he said, including hashtags #StopTheSteal

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I have asked the Texas Supreme Court to overturn the McGregor fight. One minute he is winning and then they stole it from him. #StoptheSteal

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If you are a Democrat, this is the real theft, voter suppression, for Republicans 'stop the steal' really means stop the vote... - State Republicans push new voting restrictions after Trump’s loss #stopthesteal

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Thank you for introducing a bill to overturn Biden's mask mandate as masks are used in MK Ultra mind control to traffic children, silence voices, depersonalize, inhibit common senses, limit oxygen to brain, and create compliance. #StopTheSteal of our minds

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He was ahead in the first round and all of a sudden they “found” a KO in the second round?? #StopTheSteal

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ALERT: New Mexico Voted for Biden; Now Regrets Oil, Gas
Suspension - Check The Left | #StopTheSteal #Election2020 -

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ALERT: Snow Falls in Malibu as Storms Ease California
Drought - Check The Left | #StopTheSteal #Election2020 -

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Important reseearch. Result from a data set that includes 7.6 million tweets and 25.6 million retweets with the mention of "voter fraud" and #stopthesteal. Findings show info came from "low-quality news websites, streaming services, and YouTube" .

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#trytoimpeachthis #stopthesteal #stillmypresident #Trump2020 #MAGA #MakeSpeechFreeAgain #Obamasthirdterm #showbiden #PelosiLovesTrump #BidenCrimeFamilly #MERICA #FightForAmerica #DrainTheSwamp

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@WickedWalnut I can't help. I'm in the middle of the #stopthesteal. Thoughts are prayers.

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When the comments take over the tweet . . . #stopthesteal 😂

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Trump will be in the White House again. If you hear anything different it is a lie from hell. God did not change His mind. #StopTheSteal #SpiritualWarfare

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Really @KellyMena? That is your takeaway? How about that @RepCawthorn @CawthornforNC knew nothing about his own state's election laws? Or his admission that #StopTheSteal was a scam? Or him admitting that there was no evidence of election fraud? Sigh.

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@RyanAFournier Hmmm... #stopthesteal ring a bell.

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@thatguyfrank29 I don’t know...@jzulgad stole the title from me and @PhilMackey and @DexsTweets helped him. They should’ve stopped the count when I was laid off. Instead there was a huge prediction dump. I think lizard people were also involved somehow #stopthesteal

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BREAKING: Conor McGregor has filed lawsuits in Wisconsin and Michigan contesting the KO

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ALERT: Arizona Republicans Censure Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake and
Governor Ducey - Check The Left | #StopTheSteal #Election2020 -

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Yinz went from #StopTheSteal to “you get what you voted for,” real quick...

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Yesterday, Rep Cawthorn admitted on national news that his #StoptheSteal efforts were all a lie.

“Can you now say that the election was not stolen, that it wasn’t a fraudulent election?”

“Yes, I think I would say that the election was not fraudulent”

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Alex Jones Emergency Transmission
🚨🚨🚨 – Democrat Plan To Direct Military / CIA & FBI In Purge of Conservatives

#Infowars #AlexJones #MAGA #Trump #StopTheSteal #Biden #BidenCrimeFamilly #Democrats #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

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#TrumpWon #BidenCheated #StopTheSteal
#CorruptDemocrats #CorruptMedia #ElectionFraud
DATA EXPERT: 200K Pennsylvania Ballots Were Modified After Election. A Sampling of 100K Arizona Ballots Show 'Material Amount' Aren't Even Real People
via @gatewaypundit

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If you haven't read The Amistad Project's report on Zuckerberg's Center for Tech and Civic Life, you need to read it. Will explain a lot about what happened in battleground states in 2020:

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I introduced 3 bills this week:

1. A bill to prevent funding for the Paris Accord.

2. A bill to halt funding to the WHO until we hold them accountable for their role in COVID.

3. A bill to overturn Biden’s Mask mandate.

Biden can try to ruin our country, but I will push back.

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Just a flashback reminder… The warnings have been out there. Now all the things they were blaming Donald Trump for are coming to pass under Joe Biden. America needs to investigate the 2020 election in all 50 states. #stopthesteal

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*** Claims of election fraud have been disputed. *** #VoterFraud #StopTheSteal

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Patriots should storm the Capitol - for real this time. #StopTheSteal #WarRoom

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Wouldn’t it be nobler to report the truth @jonathanvswan , rather than be a propagandist for the socialist fascism the democrats are headed for? State Constitutions were violated regarding thousands of votes in WI, PA, GA, NV, MI, and AZ! #VoterFraud #StopTheSteal

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@Blklivesmatter come on bro am black too & i knew this that's why i voted for @POTUS45 but unfortunately @JoeBiden & his deep state minions stole the election #Stopthesteal 😂 in a dream the Lord told me Trump was a grace period for humanity so i woke-up from slumber #ENDTIMES

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ALERT: Arizona Republicans Censure Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake, Gov.
Ducey - Check The Left | #StopTheSteal #Election2020 -

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Is it me - or is Joe Biden starting to look like an embalmed muppet.

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DATA EXPERT: 200,000 Pennsylvania Ballots Were Modified After Election - A Sampling of 100,000 Arizona Ballots Show 'Material Amount' Aren't Even Real People via @gatewaypundit

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Jeff Bezos and Amazon do not want their workers voting by mail on unionization.

Amazon says mail-in voting wouldn't be "valid or fair."

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Career politician

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You have been manipulated to hate Donald Trump.

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