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please sign this petition to demand that the UK government ban the import of cotton from the Xinjiang region.

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Boris Johnson "[One thing] I believe in absolutely passionately, is planting trees on the higher ground" - how about NOT CUTTING THEM DOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE?? #StopHS2 #HS2

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Instead of #HS2 why not infrastructure useful to millions and genuinely environmentally beneficial - #LocalPublicTransport #FreePublicTransport?

#CronyCapitalism #HS2GravyTrain
#NHS #Privatisation by stealth

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@BorisJohnson off to see the flooding whilst allowing HS2 and other developments to rip out our natural defences to flooding such as Hedgerows... #ecology #flooding #floodaware #floodwatch #flood #Boris #conservatives #stophs2 #saveournaturaldefences

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@BorisJohnson dead trees cannot help fight natural disasters like the one happening now in the UK because of the #ClimateCrisis. You need to get your priorities sorted ‘without dither or delay’! #StopHS2 @XRebellionUK @XRLondon @Hs2Rebellion #ActNow @stophs2 @RobGMacfarlane

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We have the same problem. no-one seems to care enough that HS2 is destroying our countryside. #StopHS2 #deforestation #biodiversity

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Tree stump on ancient woodland floor at edge of removed woodland that now can't soak up water from lack of trees. In the distance saplings & dead trees can't soak up water & sit in clay soil & translocated ancient soil #HS2ltd shows you what trees did. A valuable lesson @bbcmtd

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Floods will worsen, warns Johnson, as thousands prepare to flee homes
Politicians have never addressed our flooding problem. All talk. #HS2 is being built over the Staffordshire flood plains. Clever lot aren’t you. Not fit for purpose @BorisJohnsonPM

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Let's have an #HS2Review about how huge sums of our money are spent and into whose pockets it all ends up in this time of multiple crises.
#Violence #HS2Ltd

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H*2 - another damning legacy of the Britain Trump. #StopHS2

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@BorisJohnson @JoeBiden @COP26 Show some balls then and #stophs2 and stop this mindless destruction of ecosystems. I doubt you understand what safeguarding the planet really means.

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#HS2 #stophs2 don’t give up on halting the madness - keep thinking #KeystonePipeline @stophs2

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@campbellclaret @willcarling I hope it's not anywhere near #hs2 they've cut down past winners, ancient woodlands, destroyed ssi nature reserves, etc etc etc! @Hs2Rebellion @stophs2 #StopHS2

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@BorisJohnson @JoeBiden @COP26 Wanna safeguard OUR nature? #StopHS2

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Hum ... Let’s just wait for all the HS2 greenwash spin ... Aren’t #HS2 wonderful for planting thousands of saplings (most of which die) and for “translocating” ancient woodland floors ie dumping them on nearby fields #StopHS2 #ecocide @stophs2 @Hs2Rebellion

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A good friend of mine and dedicated #ClimateChange and #StopHS2 #activist van was stolen while she was protesting. Please help her out. 🙏🏿 @XRLondon @XRebellionUK @BespokePanic @rebelsanimalLDN #ExtinctionRebellion #ActNow

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@BorisJohnson did you discuss this today at your meeting. Madness, any fool nows remove trees, hedgerows, you leave areas open to flooding. You've done our countryside and wildlife irrevocable harm. #trees #ecology #StopHS2

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Women of #HS2Rebellion make a call to action to all of the women in the UK to join together to #StopHS2 & fight the #ClimateEmergency.

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Poors Piece ancient woodland #StopHS2 campaigners 'fear the worst' as they face eviction by the .@HS2ltd gravy train from Steeple Claydon site. #StandForTheTrees

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Thread by @Hs2Rebellion: 1/3 Dr Larch Maxey was acquitted yesterday at City of London Magistrates Court for his #StopHS2 tree occupation in Parliament Square in September 2020. However, with the eviction of Euston ...…

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@KangarooCaught Hallo, here is your unroll: 1/3 Dr Larch Maxey was acquitted yesterday at City of London Magistrates Court for his #StopHS2 tree occupation in… See you soon. 🤖

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Reminder 📌 #BBC #countryfile this
Sunday 24th January 2021
“Joe Crowley investigates if large-scale schemes such as #HS2 tally with the government’s pledge to go 💚green.” @HS2 🚆knows already that the answer to this is NO❌

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#StopHS2 #HS2 #destruction #ecocide @Hs2Rebellion @GreenJennyJones @CllrDavidMartin @stophs2 @HS2__FACTS @CherylGillan @mopdenson @WoodlandTrust

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It’s time to do the right thing and we all know it #StopHs2! ⁦@XRLondon⁩ ⁦@XRebellionUK⁩ ⁦@Hs2Rebellion⁩ ⁦@BespokePanic⁩

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@greenproviders Signed and Shared Dear Friend! #StopHS2

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@BRCWCo @cynicalkind @penny__traitor @RobDarlison @Scookey2045 @lordofdisorder1 @Swoody1500 @Beeron1030 True! They are more Keystone cops than anything! This bunch, #stophs2? Bless... #stophs2isdead

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@cynicalkind @penny__traitor @RobDarlison @Scookey2045 @lordofdisorder1 @Swoody1500 @BRCWCo @Beeron1030 That was one useful purpose of the #stophs2 protest camps. They provided respite care for a lot of villages who must have been very happy to be relieved of their idiots for a while... #hs2 #stophs2isdead

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1/3 Dr Larch Maxey was acquitted yesterday at City of London Magistrates Court for his #StopHS2 tree occupation in Parliament Square in September 2020.
However, with the eviction of Euston Square Gardens looming and further arrests for tree occupations likely...

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Live pictures from the proposed #HS2 phase 2b route. They need their heads examined! #flooding #StormChristoph #leveeingup

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If it is 8.5% of all UK flights are internal to the British Isles, and aviation is to expand by 40%.

How much greenhouse gas might HS2 save?


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HS2 rich list... while the NHS is crippled, poor kids going hungry and benefits in a pandemic lockdown are cut by £20 a week - HS2 is costing £150 billion and rising whilst polluting London’s drinking water. #toryscum #stophs2

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I agree, which is why I hate, hate, hate HS2 and am determined, along with hundreds of thousands of wonderful people, to stop these majestic, essential, generous beings, and the millions of creatures they shelter, being cut down.

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Now, please tell me that the bastards that profited from torturing these poor creatures have been locked in similar cages and the keys mysteriously lost.....

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A new beginning for the seven former bile bears

The rescue of Lam, La, Sang, Khe, Dua, Oi and Xoai was our biggest bile bear rescue last year!

Thank you for your support.

Find out more about their rescue here:

#AnimalRescue #Bears #Animals

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“For me, planting a tree can be a radical act of love. We are doing something positive. These beautiful things are all around us, I’ve met 800-year-old oaks, it would be good to get other trees planted too.” #rewilding

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#HS2 vanity project cost 'ballooning' with MPs unable to 'get a grip' on rail scheme. Time to call it a day, #ActNow & #StopHS2

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It's surreal. If you are following certain journalists and trade experts on Twitter, you can read how badly Brexit is going. But outside that small group, no-one seems to care, despite it being the most significant economic stories for decades. Just odd.

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And without a thought we cut ancient life down for the sake of small “conveniences” Shame on us.

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Our Lane 2016 & now as ⁦@HS2ltd⁩ begin widening to 4m. Hedgerow on one side now removed along its length to vent shaft. #HS2 pledged to “minimise hedgerow loss” & “retain existing character of the Lane”. ⁦@mpcsg⁩ ⁦@CherylGillan⁩ ⁦@ChilternSociety⁩

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HS2 at work again. Wiring over badger setts and filling them with bags of stones #badgers #HS2 #StopHS2 @BadgerTrust @OxonBadgers @HMWTBadger @BerksBadgers @RSPCA_official @Hs2Rebellion @GreenJennyJones @MeganMcCubbin @BBOWT @ChrisGPackham @MarkKeir6

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