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@nytimes To address sexual compulsion? What ? To google!

Oh and #rehirelaurenwolfe

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@nytimes Have you rehired Lauren Wolfe yet? #rehireLauren #rehirelaurenwolfe

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@nytimes #rehireLauren #rehirelaurenwolfe It was her personal Twitter profile. She is entitled to her opinion.

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As one Times journalist put it, β€œYou’d think under all this added scrutiny, the company would be more transparent about how they go about these things. A lot of people inside were scratching their heads about how they handled this one.”

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@Richie_Hertz @AhariAmir Double-f*** NYT!
What is wrong with them? Did they have a hostile takeover? By Murdoch or what the heck? @nytimes #rehireLauren #rehirelaurenwolfe
And don't write such non-sense. Investigate better!

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All I ever wanted to do was write. Not be written about.

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@nytimes It was grossly unfair of you to fire Lauren Wolfe for a tweet similar to the tweets and comments echoed by many journalists, both print, and tv. #rehirelaurenwolfe or I will unsubscribe from your outstanding newspaper. STOP letting internet bullies control you.

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@nytimes you should be ashamed. @Wolfe321 I got chills too just watching democracy in action and the powerful day that it was. Guess it's time to cancel my @nytimes subscription. #rehirelaurenwolfe

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#rehirelaurenwolfe @nytimes
You're Fox is showing

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@MuellerSheWrote @chrislhayes Or the times I mean they let Tom Cotton say what he wants but a journalist wasn’t allowed to accurately describe a shared moment. Chilling

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On Saturday I delivered a commentary about the monumental nature of Joe Biden replacing an insurrectionist dangerous President. Everything I stated was fact. All Lauren @Wolfe321 said was that she had chills from the same transition of power. She lost her job at @nytimes. Why?

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This is the most important thing I've ever written.

My friend and family Lauren @Wolfe321 was just fired by the @NYTimes after the NYT was pressured by fascists, Trumpkins and hypocrites on the right for tweeting she had "chills" after witnessing Biden's landing on the 20th.

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