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@boats7 Ha ha ! One of the luckiest Ed’s ever seen, he was trying to recall the story to someone else the other day, but forgot who his playing partner was #Philwho

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@TSRC17 @OllieCupit Will smoke that division #philwho

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🥤best offseason pickup!! #PhilWho

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#NoPhilNoParty @PottersBarUTD #phil #party #merchandise #nophil #noparty #philwho #buyandsell #gameface #partytime

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@DRann62 Tough to see a guy, who claims to be a competitor, celebrating not making the cut to play in the tournament this weekend #PhilWho?

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@GrahamSmyth Graham how are you handling all the tweet attention?
Pretty sure you could tweet a pic of nothingness and get a load of likes and comments.
Welcome to #lufc
Sorry bout your blue connections 😂

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Eddie Nketiah season long loan from Arsenal seems to be the hot topic on our bus to Bristol.

Not sure if it's come from somewhere or just snowballed.

Would we be happy with this if true?

#lufc @PhilHay_ ?

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@PhilHay_ How could you do this, Phil?
In centenary year too!
Straight down the line traitor.
Graham's a Billy as well.
Och! Or indeed 'ouch' (as my autocorrect had it) and
up the Jambos, Hayzy Fantaizy! Good luck in your new, far less fulfilling job role. #Lufc #ALAW #PhilWho?

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The CO sampler with slaw and mac cheese. This place was legit corbinsq #philwho?

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@ManUtd @PhilJones4 @AnthonyMartial @Mike_Phelan_1 “Scores a lot of brilliant goals in training” too bad training isn’t the game mate. #PhilWho

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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson went on Fox Business today and said we don't need healthcare because God gives us free healthcare.

"Doctors can give you a temporary reprieve, but they cannot save you from physical death. The doctors who treat you, they die too."

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@LiterallySmash @SBS_Tigers I saw this too! Was so thankful to see these colors close to 5:45 pm, tonight. Spring is around the corner!!! #PhilWho #GroundhogDay2019

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@JefferyJWms Let’s not squabble over 1 and 2 - both Uni and Octorqra Orphie have 6 weeks - let’s agree - #PhilWHO is way behind both.

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#Myerstown Uni says 6 more weeks - ya’ll know who I’m rollin wit! #Uni #PhilWHO #Mtown4Life #GroundhogDay2019

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Happy Groundhog Day Moses! #PhilWho 😎

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@JaniceHuff4ny Although every day is Groundhog Day in our house, Moses wants to wish you and your viewers all the best as you celebrate HIM (and maybe that fellow named Phil...)

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This brought tears to my eyes! So proud of you!! #MyFriendsAStud #PhilWho

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A long shot to win? Not at all.

Adam Long (@ALongShot) just came up CLUTCH.

He's won the @Desert_Classic in dramatic fashion.


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@J_Hartigan The people want @Roothlus at the featured table. #PhilWho

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@Phil_the_Bucket Hanging out with the real people's champion....Finished the season on top....real season starts in October #2wins #bucketsuckedit #philwho

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big shoutout to Rustyn Goolsby as he plays at historic Pebble Beach in a PGA Tour Champions Event!! MPHS is proud of you man! @goolsby_rustyn #philwho #tigergoolsby #rustynspieth

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That time Kam serenades you during Calling All My Lovelies at a Bruno Mars show (my sis recording)😍 #PhilWho? #TooSoon 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

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Your move Nath.....please head to Wests #onthebus #Philwho

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Ivan Cleary has ended speculation on a move to Penrith next season by confirming he "intends" on honouring the final two years of his contract with the Wests Tigers. #9News

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@HutchingsGio happy birthday gio 💙💙 thanks for the mems :) #philwho

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When my worlds collide. #PeterGabrielIsThe🐐 #PhilWho

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Pop Icon Peter Gabriel Has Invested in a Blockchain Startup

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Thank you Cardiff, such sunny a welcome for ⁦@SusanCalman⁩ & me ⁦@SmartEnergyGB#Philwho #NewBF

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