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The #Packers are going to lose some players in the offseason, but that doesn't mean the team will get worse.

There's plenty of reasons to be optimistic for 2021.

Click here to read about another one:
Reason #7 For Optimism In 2021: Big Bob Tonyan

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Corey Linsley is not expected to return to the #Packers.

PFF’s #1 ranked center should have a big market.

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Our JJ Wattch continues on today's show, plus we make the case this year could be the year the #Packers actually decide to invest in linebacker with a high pick in the 2021 NFL draft.



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So much to unpack here:
*Midday? Where? It’s morning
*Is this a haiku for @peter_king ?
*No caps (just naps)
*Loathed, like Deshaun does the Texans?
*Revered, as in 3x DPOY?
So after all that unpacking, he’s going to #Packers, right? Definitely not NY (city that never sleeps)

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.@aaronrodgers12 counting how many times he caused @PostMalone's tears. Undefeated in Jerryworld. #Packers

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According to this article, #Packers, #Titans, and #Bills have a chance at landing Watt. #Browns and #Raiders mentioned as well, among a dozen teams.

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Wendy's Big Show today at 10am:

-Do the #Packers still have a shot for JJ Watt based on reports of what top contenders are offering?
- #Bucks 2nd half schedule
-Jones & Linsley for a 4th round compensatory pick?

11:06 @TheAndyKatz
11:35 @MarquesEversoll

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🚨 New Ep of Fan Factory Pod is out with our First Guest! We have on #Packers super fan we discuss all things #Packers fandom and his epic Man Cave! Please Rate and Subscribe... #Wisconsin #GreenBay #Packers #California

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Well the #Packers may not get @JJWatt after all ..... the price tag for him is $15 - $16 Million a year. The #GoPackGo could muster $10 million a year. .... Back to the drawing board, #GoPackGo ....go to plan b in free agency (whatever that may be).

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Everyone out here waiting on pin and needles where JJ is going next and he's tweeting about snoozing the afternoon away.

dude is operating on his OWN time 🤣

seriously tho, hurry up #Packers

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1 year ago today..: crazy how a year changes contracts talks 🤯 #packers #aaronjones

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@GMuelMuel Yeah, I don’t take my grades from PFF. B grade is an above-average starter. It’s not a slight at all.

As for Jaire Alexander, only two #Packers players had a solid A: Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams. Rodgers was MVP, and Adams had a historic season. He wasn’t quite that level.

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.@WesHod answers fan questions on the #Packers defense, free agency & more.

Insider Inbox 📬

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Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 946 - Packers Stock Report #Packers #GoPackGo

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J.J. Watt has plenty of options in free agency after he reportedly received contract offers from multiple teams

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midday naps.

loathed as a child,
revered in adulthood.

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My new #Packers mock draft is beautiful 😭

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#Packers know how fucking lucky we have been?! Favre now A Rod yet for some of you it’s just not enough. I’m old enough to remember how shitty they and the Badgers were. Frustrating no SB sure but could be worse. Grateful!!

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The former @HoustonTexans DE will be paid this off-season, question is were will he go? The @Raiders @Titans @packers and @BuffaloBills are all reportedly favorites to land the future Hall of Famer. #NFL #Titans #Packers #Raiders #Bills #BillsMafia #JJWatt

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If Watt is getting offers of 15 million, wouldn’t the #Packers be wise to opt to look at Sherman instead? @Peter_Bukowski made a great case for taking Sherman over Watt if the price was the same on his pod.

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Sources -- Free agent J.J. Watt has offers from multiple NFL teams #packers #espnjjwatt #nfl #report #teams #comjohn

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Yikes. If true, you can immediately take the #Packers off that list of landing spots. 😑

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@RollingStone Original Only Wanna be with You released in 1995- Darius Rucker said the Dolphins made him cry.

That year the Dallas Cowboys dynasty won their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years over the Steelers.

In the 2021 cover- Post Malone says the Cowboys make him cry.

How far we’ve come

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Well, it was fun while it lasted, folks! The conversation now turns to Aaron Jones, and if an 8m franchise tag could be an option.

#GoPackGo #Packers

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Ten bold predictions for the #Packers in 2021:

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@GidgitVonLaRue I literally watched #CLASS(1983)some hours ago,with2of #the #famed/ #notorious #80s #Brat #Packers,#RobLowe& #AndrewMcCarthy!A very enjoyable movie,but towards end it just started to go down&ended in a tad silly&unrealistic #AllsWellThatEndsWell!Yet OK!6/10!

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Now: @AaronNagler of @cheeseheadtv joins @czabe, @OnAirJosh, and @ericgitter, LIVE! #Packers

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Definitely a name to watch for the #Packers. Size and athleticism at a premium position of need for Green Bay.

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This offseason will most likely result in the departures of RB Aaron Jones and C Corey Linsley from Green Bay - see what can be expected this offseason for these positions moving forward. #blogging #football #NFL #packers

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After watching Surtain, Farley, and Horn (all good players) there isn’t enough talk about @CuseFootball CB Ifeatu Melifonwu. Hard to find guys with @Ifeatu_Mel prototype measurables (6025v, 212v, 3218 arm, 8018 wing) that transition & trigger like this.

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You can probably kiss the #Packers good-bye if this is true. #Watt

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Padres getting Yelich/Hader, Warriors getting Giannis, 49ers getting Rodgers, Guns N Roses getting Bon Iver & Kurt Neumann from the Bodeans, Full House getting Fez from That 70s Show and Fonzie from Happy Days. Am I missing anything? #brewers #packers #bucks

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Most lucrative offer currently on the table is believed to be worth between $15 million and $16 million - Dianna Russini

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New from JSOnline and PackersNews: Packers grades: Safeties provide stability for a defense that will see much change #Packers

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And that would mean no @JJWatt for the #Packers if that’s what it’s going to take

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Rumor - Packers expected to have interest in Buccaneers LB  

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Doubling down. Watt to GG. 2 yrs/10 million. 😁 #Packers

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📷 Packing a 3 bedroom house today ready for moving tomorrow For Bassy’s Removals get in touch 0115 8766857 or #bassysremovals #completeremovals #midlandremovals #packers #packing...

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JJ Watt has received several offers from teams. The best offer he has received right now is between 15-16 million per year, per sources.

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