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Readers can now follow @Wolfe321 and her publication Chills. Readers can unsubscribe from the NYT anytime they wish. #media #uspoli #laurenwolfe #supportindependentjournalism

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Almost half of New York Times staff believe there is no freedom of knowledge exchange, different opinion or objective handling of differences. #AndyMills #Censorship #FreeSpeech #LaurenWolfe #NewYorkTimes Read More:

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#MAGA #cancelled #LaurenWolfe from NYT for literally nothing and they are now outraged over #GinaCarano? Sorry, Gina, I don't GAF. If conservatives really want #CancelCulture cancelled, how about practicing what you fools preach.

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That's all? See #LaurenWolfe
Double standards much?!!!

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TJ Ducklo has been placed on a one-week suspension without pay, @PressSec says.

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Lauren Wolfe said “I have chills” for the win of democracy over authoritarianism —> The NY Times fires Lauren Wolfe

#NYTimes #TheNewYorkTimes #NewYorkTimes #LaurenWolfe #DonaldMcNeil #RukminiCallimachi #Wolfe #McNeil #Callimachi

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Dear @Wolfe321,

I’m honored.

And I cannot wait to listen to your podcast.

Way to pave some new road, #LaurenWolfe.


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@chelywright @nytimes Thank you, Chely. I'm a fan. But I don't want my job back. I've moved on and created my first podcast episode, which I posted tonight!

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So just to be clear, offering a personal opinion on a personal twitter account can get you fired but use racial slurs and the paper apologizes for you? Am I getting that right @nytimes? #LaurenWolfe

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Origin of @Speakcies Ep. 97 - Cancel Culture with
@KristenCarney at

#cancelculture #canceled #yourecanceled #podernfamily #apple #facebook #Parler #nytimes #willwilkinson #laurenwolfe #censorship #Hypocrisy

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@kingofdbritons @marcatracy Looks that way. They think we’ll just forget about #LaurenWolfe but I won’t.

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@nytimes @kevinroose Apparently a NYT writer expressing chills at watching a new president’s plane land on their personal SM is also an urgent threat...against whom, though? Oh yeah, the radical right that somehow managed to gain control of a once good paper. I just subscribed to #WaPo #laurenwolfe

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@nytimes Have you rehired Lauren Wolfe yet? And apologized to her? #LaurenWolfe

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Origin of @Speakcies Ep. 97 - Cancel Culture with
@kristencarney at

#cancelculture #canceled #yourecanceled #podernfamily #apple #facebook #Parler #nytimes #willwilkinson #laurenwolfe #censorship #Hypocrisy #sundayfunday

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@nytimes protects racist speech, but having chills about Biden after the corruption of Trump, well, that's a fire-able offense.
talking about showing your a$$ #IsDeanBaquetAPlagueOnJournalism?

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#LaurenWolfe needs to sue the @nytimes for wrongful dismissal. Her simply saying people were happy that Biden was elected got her fired while they are allowing a racist to continue to work there??? Just stop!

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@nytimes whose article writers always criticize other nation Nations for not providing freedom of speech fired its own editor #LaurenWolfe for her tweet against #JoeBiden shows NY Times one sided and yellow journalism.

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@marcatracy So did Baquet get #Chills when he let this guy off while firing #LaurenWolfe?

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@NYTimes McNeil uses racial slurs, not fired. Lauren Wolfe uses the word "chills" and is fired. Messed up. Make it right. #NYTimes #laurenwolfe

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And yet @nytimes was happy to fire #LaurenWolfe for “having chills.” 😡

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I would have thought using the N word while acting as a NYT employee would have been a fireable offense. It's not like racist ideology would in anyway impact his reporting on infectious diseases like ebola

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NYT's star COVID reporter Donald McNeil was reprimanded after multiple people complained that he used racist language, including the n-word, while accompanying a 2019 trip the NYT hosted for high school students to Peru.

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I just subscribed to #LaurenWolfe's new newsletter, "Chills." I'm looking forward to good, honest, thoughtful journalism. You might be interested, too.
#rehireLauren #LaurenWolfe

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I just subscribed to Chills #laurenWOLFE f**kNYTIMES!

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Ripeto la domanda più volte espressa: non staremo esagerando? Licenziata per un tweet pro Biden: un’altra bufera sul New York Times #LaurenWolfe

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"Ho i brividi"... Un tweet emozionato per Joe Biden è costato il posto di lavoro a una giornalista del New York Times.
Proposta per il nuovo #Governo
Tassa di 10 euro per ogni tweet "fazioso" dei giornalisti Risolveremmo la crisi economica del Paese. 🤣😁

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Cancel Culture Leftists Worried About Being Cancelled (Lauren Wolfe Gets... via @YouTube #Cancelculture #Laurenwolfe

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@nytimes What matters: a man wearing a a Rolex gifted to him by his wife. And a tweet showing an emotion from 1 LGBTQ women, but not a whole bunch of similar tweets from a bunch of white dudes. Later #laurenwolfe #CancelNYT

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Been a long time #NewYorkTimes subscriber. Cancelled my subscription today. #LaurenWolfe is why.

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@NYTimes @Wolfe321
Why did you fire Lauren Wolf? I don’t understand. Please return her to her position. #LaurenWolfe

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La vicenda di #LaurenWolfe (per come è raccontata dal @Corriere) fa riflettere moltissimo. Fino a che punto il #giornalista può esprimere il suo personalissimo parere sui #social?

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Informative thread on the vicious and false attack on @Rob_Malley by Bret Stephens. That the @nytimes would publish this but fire #laurenwolfe for her tweet is shameful and reflects very poorly on the Times and its editorial judgment.

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In his @nytimes column, Bret Stephens cites an interview snippet to argue that @Rob_Malley claimed "that massive [2019] public protests in Iran justified Tehran's paranoia about an Israel-Saudi-U.S. plot". Whether by intent or ignorance, this claim is demonstrably false. [Thread]

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Is the NY Times treatment of #LaurenWolfe getting coverage? @MaddowBlog @JoyAnnReid @NicolleDWallace @chrislhayes

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This account, if true, speaks to the issue here. Being told a prior tweet is "borderline" - in an HR sense - is not a "warning" - meaning functionally the non-renewal/removal was due to the chills tweet (more innocuous than many posted by many staffers)

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“We Can’t Have That”: Inside The New York Times’ Firing of Lauren Wolfe #LaurenWolfe @nytimes
via @VanityFair

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Why @nytimes fired #laurenwolfe while not firing the #racist @sarahjeong is beyond my comprehension. Why is being a toxic racist 🤬applauded by the NYT’s HR department while expressing mild excitement over the inauguration of a senile old white man as POTUS is not?!

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‘It’s a shot at my reputation’: Lauren Wolfe reacts to NYT’s statement about her dismissal. Thank you, ⁦@ErikWemple

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"The firing of Wolfe is all the more puzzling because The New York Times has kept on journalists who have committed much greater offenses" by @HeerJeet

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1/ Let's talk about the New York Times firing editor Lauren Wolfe, and rise of the alt-right, starting in 2014 with GamerGate.

Wolfe tweeted that she had "chills" on inauguration day.

The right predictably spun up an outrage cycle, and Wolfe was fired.

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Absolutely shocking that @nytimes fired Lauren Wolfe for her tweet when Thomas Friedman and Bret Stephenson together have fallen on their faces countless times all over their pages; forget about Twitter. Really shocking gender bias, caving to bad faith criticism and just cruelty.

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