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@CreechTheTeach Can’t shoot to save his life though. Usually watching southpaw #iubb players shoot is a thing of beauty. It’s painful to watch him shoot.

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@AssemblyCall Just wish it wasn’t followed by them letting #iubb circle the drain.

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Looking at #iubb roster for next year is befuddling.


Obviously early departures & transfer portal could play a major role. And coaching situation. But PG killed us this year and it’s hard to feel optimistic about it.

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I mean look at the progression that rob made and look what yogi did #iubb

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I miss Tom Crean #iubb 💔

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(พร้อมส่ง) : ส่งต่อบัม 500 B /ทักDMมาได้เลยค้า 🎉🎉 #ตลาดนัดไอยู #ตลาดนัดiu #iuCelebrity #ไอย#ยูแอนนา #ตลาดนัดรวมด้อม #iubb #iu #ตลาดนัดยูแอนนา #Iu

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If #IUBB loses to Rutgers in first game of #BigTenTournament, is Archie Miller fired before he gets on the bus or will the AD wait a few weeks?

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Why wouldn’t Indiana want a Coach with ties to Bob Knight. We won three championships!! Now we can’t even beat Purdue. #iubb

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@daily_hoosier If anyone knows about teams shooting struggles (but not how to fix them), well it’s our Coach. #IUBB

Also, he’s prepping us for a disastrous game vs Rutger.

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Perhaps the opposite will #iubb

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It’s both amazing and sad how greatness in #iufb and #iuwbb make the #iubb issues look so pathetically inept. Greatness is possible and it starts at the top.

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We may be down, but we're not dead. The one thing I know is that all roads go through Indy and that starts Thursday night!

Big thanks to @dazzllc for providing the awesome shirt for the postseason festivities. Check them out:


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How many traits of a great leader do #Colts GM Chris Ballard, coach Frank Reich, #iubb coach Archie Miller, and #BoilerUp Matt Painter share?

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@ChronicHoosier If you're one player away from going on a 5-10 stretch, then you've done a lackluster job recruiting and developing the team. #iubb

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I’m I the only #iubb fan that saw the IU AD decide to pay Tom Allen $5 million per season and instantly thought

“Okay, we will fire Archie Miller, bc clearly money isn’t an issue.”

Fire Archie Miller

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So, you’re telling me that... now hear me out... #IUBB is going to struggle to shoot?

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Mathematics would say #iubb should keep shooting 3’s. But good old human intuition says there’s just no way they start falling for this broken team. So what then?? Relentlessly feed TJD for an endless supply of double teams & missed bunnies?? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Archie Miller on:

🏀 "It’s going to start with our offense."
🏀 More on Armaan Franklin, Race Thompson
🏀 "Ineptness shooting the ball this past week"
🏀 The Big Ten tourney in Lucas Oil
🏀 Getting TJD going again

Full radio show recap: #iubb

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@IndianaMBB this is your chance to make us proud and make the tournament. The odds are stacked against us but we're fine as the underdogs. 1% chance, 99% hope #iubb #indianabasketball

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@insidethehall If IU can do this then they can pay to let Archie go. #iubb

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Indiana fans waiting for #iubb tweets right now be like...

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🏀"feel like our team has lost confidence"
🏀"we should be as ready as ever when we play on Thursday"
🏀Injury updates on Race Thompson and Armaan Franklin
🏀Keys to Rutgers game

That and more from Archie Miller on tonight's radio show. #iubb


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I first read this as he was saying #iubb will struggle to shoot. After reviewing the tweet, it is worse than I first thought. It sounds like an excuse for his poor shooting team

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Archie Miller said one of keys offensively is to get Trayce Jackson-Davis more shot attempts #iubb

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Can it get any worse? Actually from covering several SEC Tournaments at the Georgia Dome I can tell you it takes teams at least a game to adjust perimeter-shooting wise #iubb

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#iubb was 7-4 when Armaan injured his foot on Jan. 4th; the Hoosiers went 5-10 post injury. That one hurt badly.

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Miller on playing in Lucas Oil Stadium, "You could really see teams struggle shooting the ball." mentions sightlines, limited crowd #iubb

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Archie Miller says IU's draw sets up nicely for a team that "has some work to do." Rutgers leads into a potential NCAA No. 1 seed in Illinois. #iubb

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Miller thinks teams will struggle to shoot the ball in empty Lucas Oil this week. Gulp.

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Miller says Rutgers has given #iubb as much trouble as anyone over the last couple years, especially their guards.

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Archie Miller on Big Ten Tournament, "the league the last two years has been a serious gauntlet." #iubb

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A few injury notes... #iubb

Race Thompson (ankle) is 'day-to-day' as we approach IU's opening round of the Big Ten Tournament on Thursday.

Armaan Franklin (foot/ankle) 'shot a little bit' today but still hasn't seen a full practice.

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Miller says "we're not going to do anything to jeopardize his health" #iubb

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Also, Race Thompson is day-to-day in the leadup to the Big Ten tournament. #iubb

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Forward Race Thompson (nose, ankle) will be day to day going into the Big Ten Tournament.

Guard Armaan Franklin hasn’t practiced with the group since his ankle/heel injury. Archie Miller left the door open for Franklin to maybe play Thursday. #iubb

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More comments on Franklin from Miller, doesn't sound promising. Still hasn't been practicing. Didn't rule out playing this week, however.

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Miller said F Race Thompson is day to day, "He's a warrior." #iubb

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Miller said Franklin hasn't practiced yet. "He hasn't had the ability to recover from it. ... We'll see how he does this week. He shot a little bit today."

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MIller says not having Franklin, "has really changed the dynamic of our team." Points out that he's the second leading scorer and one of its best defensive players. "With him, we're a different team." Says they'll evaluate him throughout the week to see if he can return.

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