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@AmericanIdol is back TONIGHT (at 8/7c) on ABC! Tune in! You’ll see my audition either this week or next! #americanidol

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I got a date with @AmericanIdol tonight. How about you? #AmericanIdol

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...and that makes two Seattleites on #AmericanIdol this season! 📣📣

You've already met Monroe's Benson Boone, and tonight you'll meet Seattle's Philip Murphy, who (from what we could tell from our interview) has the voice *and* heart of an angel.

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🗣 Ronda Felton is a beautiful soul. Her spirit just brings not joy🥰 @AmericanIdol

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@CharlesMBlow Kind of like when @katyperry forced that guy to kiss her on #AmericanIdol , even though he said he was uncomfortable and wanted his first kiss to be special to him!

Do the rules apply equally, or is this just a witch hunt?

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#AmericanIdol Auditions 4: Meet this week's hopefuls, including a singer who contributed a cut to the "Crazy Rich Asians" soundtrack, a former protege of Simon Cowell, a military member who sings in the Army band, and your usual collection of Tik Tok sta

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Currently trending unscripted*😉:
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5. #TheMaskedSinger

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Get your pocket full of sunshine 🌞 tonight at 8 with an all-new American Idol on ABC 7!

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5 Hours Until An All New Episode Of @AmericanIdol Starts!!!!! #AmericanIdol

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which means even more people get to discover it! I’m so grateful for you! ❤️⁣

Listen to the full song here:

Here we go! ⁣

#americanidol #idreamofyou2 #itssuchagoodfeeling

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Wishing Raivyn success! #AmericanIdol

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When you remember there's a new episode of #AmericanIdol on tonight.

Watch the auditions continue at 8PM ET on ABC.

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6 Hours Until An All New Episode Of @AmericanIdol Starts!!!!! #AmericanIdol

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Hj é dia de #AmericanIdol se ainda não se atualizou, vem ouvir o EP40 do IdolCast, onde comentamos o 3º dia de Audições ;)

🎧Apple, Google Podcasts, Deezer:

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.@thisischerylk from #LosAngeles is on @AmericanIdol with a very special guest -- her dog, Jimmy Choo! Watch her audition tonight at 8pm on @ABC7. 🎶 #AmericanIdol

Fun fact: Cheryl's song "Money (That’s What I Want)" opened #CrazyRichAsians:

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🚨EAGLE ALUMNA ALERT🚨 | HCC Fine Arts alumna, Raivyn Hearne, will be on American Idol tonight, March 7, at 7 pm CST on ABC. Please spread the word, tune in and vote! She will be performing under the name R'eh.

View her HCC Student Success story here:

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The day we have been waiting for...

New Single by #MacKenzieBourg "Good Day" out Friday March 12th!!!

Aaah! It's really happening! Less then a week away! So excited ❤️🥳🎶🎊
@mackenziebourg #MacPack #NewMusic #SongSunday #AmericanIdol #PreachRecords #PreachMusic @jaycohenmgmt

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#AmericanRescuePlan #America #AmericaFirst #AmericanIdol #AmericanGods #AmericanasNoBBB #AmericanRescueAct #AmericasCup

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7 Hours Until An All New Episode Of @AmericanIdol Starts!!!!! #AmericanIdol

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Attention Idol fans! 🎤🎶 Join judges @katyperry, @LukeBryanOnline and @LionelRichie in finding the next big STAR⭐️ Catch an all-new episode of @AmericanIdol tonight at 8|7c on ABC. #AmericanIdol

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Trump Puts Lisa Murkowski On Notice, Promises To Travel To Alaska To Campaign Against Her

#SaudiArabia #AmericanIdol
#القوات_الجوية_الملكية_السعودية #اليوم_العالمي_للمرأة #البابا_فرنسيس #صنعاء #بدر_الداهوم #يوم_المراه_العالمي

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Dang, today is just one of those days that I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. It’s a good thing @AmericanIdol is on so I can see @LukeBryanOnline tonight. My saving grace! #AmericanIdol

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Tune into @AmericanIdol tonight to see Freshman Musical Theatre BFA student Alyssa Wray! She will audition in front of the all-star judging panel, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Cheer on our NKU SOTA “Idol” hopeful at 8 p.m. tonight on ABC. #nkusota #AmericanIdol

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@AmericanIdol 💃💖🎤🎥🌹Did Luke just say Beyoncé? En admiration Abeille Don't miss #AmericanIdol TONIGHT at 8|7c.

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WATCH: Meet new, incredible talent on #AmericanIdol... TONIGHT starting at 8 on #WFTV. 🎤🌟

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It still bothers me that @clayaiken and @adamlambert didn’t win #AmericanIdol 🎤

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If you’re lucky you might just see this chubby face on the big screen tonight on @abcnetwork 8/7c @americanidol #americanidol #lailaonidol #lailamach #lionelrichie #goldenticket ?!

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Happy birthday to one of my favorite Characters of all time. Happy Birthday Master Chief!💯💪

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Now that we've got your attention 🎤...Don't miss an all-new #AmericanIdol on Sunday!

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