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@ArashMosaleh I've actually been boycotting @Chiquita bananas because they made a big deal about not using oil from Alberta for their fuel needs. I figured anyone trying to destroy the Alberta economy didn't deserve my patronage. @jkenney I have never seen them apologize for that! #WeRemember

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#repost @berniceaking

#March7 #1965 #edmundpettusbridge #johnlewis #mlk #weremember #wehonor #wefighton @ Atlanta, Georgia

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@AuschwitzMuseum #WeRemember you Helene and we speak your name

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RIP, Tadeusz Waligórski 🖤🖤🖤🌈
Born #OTD in 1901. 
Murdered in Auschwitz at age 41.

Let us #NeverForget.


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RIP, Claudine Ruben 🖤🖤🖤💔🌈
Born #OTD in 1942.
A 1 y/o baby murdered in Auschwitz.

Let us #NeverForget.


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RIP, Franciszka Studzińska 🖤🖤🖤🌈
Born #OTD in 1917. 
26 y/o murdered in Auschwitz.

Let us #NeverForget.


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#WeRemember and that is why need To continue the fight for voting access and voting rights!!! #Selma56 #HR1

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On this day 56 years ago, Bloody Sunday... #WeRemember

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I've just found out that another of the individuals who shared their story with me for 'A Wounded Landscape - bearing witness to the Holocaust', the wonderful Freida who I met in New York, has died. I so wish I could have completed this work in time #weremember #PreventGenocide

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Binnengeflüchteten gemacht worden waren.
#weremember #8M2021

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@AuschwitzMuseum #WeRemember you Karl and we speak your name

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@AuschwitzMuseum Irak, du durftest nur zwölf Jahre alt werden. Wir sagen deinen Namen und erinnern uns an dich 🌈🌹🙏
Und an deine Eltern
Und an deinen Bruder Philip Jaques🌈🌹🙏

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@AuschwitzMuseum #WeRemember you Jakub and we speak your name

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@RussianEmbassy @mfa_russia @FCDOGovUK @RusMission_EU @BBCWorld @guardian @Telegraph @ObserverUK @DailyMailUK @SkyNews @Channel4 Despite claiming to fight against European and Ukrainian “fascism”, Russia is actively involved in support and training of far-right militant groups across Europe.

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Remembering Lions 2020-2021
We remember members of our Lions Clubs across Ireland who passed to higher service during the past year.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha dílse. May they rest in peace.

#LionsClubs #WeServe #WeRemember

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@AB_MD_WarRoom @GregFingas Remember when kenney was in harper's cabinet and they trashed Fisheries and Ocean's libraries? Fun times.

#WeRemember #cdnpoli #ableg

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7 March 1942 | A French Jewish girl, Claudine Ruben, was born in Paris.

She arrived at #Auschwitz on 20 July 1943 in a transport of 1,000 Jews deported from Drancy. She was among the 440 people murdered after selection in a gas chamber.

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#WeRemember 🙏🙏🙏


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@AuschwitzMuseum #WeRemember you Ewa and we speak your name

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@AuschwitzMuseum #WeRemember you Franciszka and we speak your name

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@AuschwitzMuseum #WeRemember you Izak and we speak your name

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Leaked by #WikiLeaks, reports on a terrorist attack at Savoy Hotel in  #TelAviv (March 5-7, 1975) in which four people were killed. The @usembassyjlm reports that Israelis believe it was carried out by PLO at Arafat's instruction. #WeRemember 🕯️

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@StephenUzzell2 I have been there. #WeRemember. It is up to those who gave heard their stories to keep them alive.

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She was 1 of the 1st US COVID deaths. Her kids are still grappling with the grief.

😢 #WeRemember 🙏🏼 #WeRememberYou 🙏🏾 #GoneTooSoon 😢

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Near-fatal beating of John Lewis, Bloody Sunday, Selma, today 1965:

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07 mars 1942
5006 juifs de tous âges sont contraints d'écrire des cartes postales à leur famille et amis à Theresienstadt.
Puis ils ont été tués.
Les Allemands avaient attendu six mois pour les assassiner parce que la Croix-Rouge avait visité Theresienstadt. ⏭

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7 March 1901 | A Pole, Tadeusz Waligórski, was born in Dąbrowa Górnicza. An accountant.

In #Auschwitz from 24 April 1942.
No. 32575
He was shot in the camp on 27 May 1942.

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7 March 1917 | A Polish woman, Franciszka Studzińska, was born in Krakow. A student.

In #Auschwitz from 1 December 1942.
No. 26283
She perished in the camp on 4 April 1943.

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Charlotte Wood was named the first ever National Memorial (Silver) Cross Mother in 1936.
Woods had seven of her sons and stepsons serve in the First World War; two never came home.

Read more about her story and legacy: 


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