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If we could stop the spread of misinformation regarding the vaccine, it could definitely help in reducing COVID-19 cases #covid19misinformation #vaccinemisinformation #covi19 #MED6288

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Fake news likely to cause some of UK's South Asian communities to reject Covid-19 vaccines, doctor warns

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@CaulfieldTim @Forbes @TheRobertHart #MisinformationIsHarmful #VaccinesWork When Physicians spread #VaccineMisinformation it is a breach of their Code of Conduct & a betrayal of both their fellow professionals & their patients‼️ A complaint will be filed with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of B.C.

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Should You Get the Flu Shot Every Year? Don’t Ask the New York Times. via @JeremyRHammond - Another must read article by ‘the’ fact checker who checks the Fact Checker & MSM journos spreading #VaccineMisinformation !

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Who fact checks the Fact Checkers and the mainstream media “Gekaufte Journalisten” ( Udo Ulfkotte ) and “Vichy Journalists” @johnpilger spreading #VaccineMisinformation? Jeremy Hammond does! Thank you, Jeremy! Ad maiora semper!🙏

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ETTelecom | Google launches $3 million fund to fight vaccine misinformation #CovidVaccine #Google #CovidVaccineMisinformation #WorldHealthOrganisation #GoogleNews #Covid19 #Internet #VaccineMisinformation

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ETTelecom | Google launches $3 million fund to fight vaccine misinformation #CovidVaccine #Google #CovidVaccineMisinformation #WorldHealthOrganisation #GoogleNews #Covid19 #Internet #VaccineMisinformation

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@JCCFCanada Listen to Stephen Malthouse, MD from BC in 16-minute interview about the covid measures, says: "there is no 2nd wave, and there won't be."

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@MHC_Amazing Thus, you are dangerously deceiving residents of northern Michigan about what we know about the safety of the #COVID19 #vaccines given emergency use authorization. Please acknowledge and correct your irresponsible #VaccineMisinformation accordingly.

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In this @nytimes article, @aaronecarroll deceptively claims that the #COVID19 #vaccines will confer "herd immunity". This is #VaccineMisinformation.

The truth is that we do not yet have trial data showing that the vaccines prevent transmission.

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This @nytimes article contains #VaccineMisinformation. @aaronecarroll writes "In order for the crisis to end, we need herd immunity. The only way to reach that is to get most people immunized or infected."

The deceives readers into drawing a false conclusion. (1/3)

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Crap like this doesn't help | Medium |How vaccine misinformation spreads in Spanish on Facebook #vaccine #Covid19 #vaccineMisinformation

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We’ve hardly begun to fight #VaccineMisinformation. Let’s not give up on folks so soon.
#CovidVaccine #COVID19

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@Cleavon_MD How about a “coordinated federal vaccine distribution plan” AND a “coordinated federal vaccine EDUCATION plan” to counter all the misinformation that’s filled the communication vacuum? No one deserves COVID. Let’s not give up.

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Vaccinations are crucial to California's path to a future free of #COVID19. As distribution begins for our frontline health care heroes across our state, we must stay informed and protect ourselves against #VaccineMisinformation.

Learn more at

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As of this week, #COVID19 vaccines have arrived in #California and hope is on the way. Vaccines will be distributed and administered fairly and as quickly as possible.

For more information, visit:

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@Twitter we are going to need another reporting category related to vaccine misinformation. It's already out there in bunches and it will cost lives. #vaccinemisinformation

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Facebook banned big anti-vaccination pages. Researchers warn it's too little, too late. via @nbcnews #VaccineMisinformation

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De som tror de danske sundhedsmyndigheder kunne finde på at godkende en vaccine med den mindste risiko for utilsigtede virkninger må være godt tossede - eller til fals for misinformation som især spredes på #Fakebook.
#dkpol #dkmedier

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@HousingFirstUK @manifesto2000 @AdamRogers2030 @GoogleExpertUK @drcmday @bmj_latest @ebenshapiro @DrNancyOlivieri @scipolnetwork @WHO @edsilverman @pharmalot @YvetteSeger @Public_Citizen @NHSwhistleblowr @WB_UK @whistleblowing @GovAcctProj @Thomas_Wilckens @encephalitisava @MASohatee @AngelGreySocks @Pewnack @EricTopol @joseramosvivas @jennifervans @WCRIFoundation @AskTheEthicist @hrw @DrDenaGrayson @TalbertSwan @Ivy_MiddletonUK @martinoweiss @B52Malmet @bopanc @AmandiOnAir @shomaristone @RashidaTlaib @GlobalJusticeUK @schneiderleonid @pfizer @samblanchard9 @VanessaChalmers @MailOnline @PopResistance @SDG2030 @caj @BreesAnna Key points to consider in the #vaccination debate include:
1⃣Public opinion around #VaccineSafety
2⃣ #VaccineMisinformation is pervasive and persistent
3⃣Increased #PublicHealth investment should be used to counter #misinformation

#Vaccine #HPV #MMR #SDG3

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Exposure to recent online #misinformation can change people’s minds & willingness to accept a potential #COVID19 vaccine, our new study (*under peer-review*) reveals.

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Spending the morning trying to convince people vaccines are bloody amazing 🤯
#VaccinesWork #vaccinemisinformation

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Can my biology teacher followers help Faye and the cross-institute committee help tackle #vaccinemisinformation ?

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Also any #teachers who know of any questions from children or who fancy asking their classes too that would be WONDERFUL

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#acacemictwitter and #scicomm teams, can you send me the most common questions and misconceptions you’ve heard/seen/thought of surrounding vaccines? We’ve got a cross-institute team putting together a plan on tackling #vaccinemisinformation

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Do Twitter bots spread #vaccinemisinformation? Research shows it’s not that simple | The Conversation |

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#OpenAccess: Adapting and Extending a #Typology to Identify #VaccineMisinformation on #Twitter |The American Journal of #PublicHealth (AJPH) @AMJPublicHealth #EndPolio #Polio #VaccinesWork #Vaccines @WHO @Rotary @CDCgov @UNICEF @gatesfoundation @Gavi

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Facebook is running anti-vax ads, despite its ban on vaccine misinformation #Facebook #Anti-vaxAds #VaccineMisinformation

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Researchers have found that people who use #SocialMedia for news are more likely to experience #VaccineMisinformation

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Researchers have found that people who use #SocialMedia for news are more likely to experience #VaccineMisinformation

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Researchers have found that people who use #SocialMedia for news are more likely to experience #VaccineMisinformation

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#Immunisation against infectious diseases is one of the greatest successes in modern medicine. In spite of this, anti-vaxxer misinformation continues to thrive.

We explore why in our new article:

#BelieveInSpecial #VaccinesWork #VaccineMisinformation

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Correcting #vaccinemisinformation is a difficult process, study shows

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Finland has developed a blueprint for countering #misinformation. Can it be exported to the rest of the world? And can blue print be utilised fr tackling #Vaccinehesitancy and #vaccinemisinformation? #FakeNews

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We want to thank everyone who attended AJPH sessions and participated in our rich discussions on #reparations, #publichealthpublishing, and #vaccinemisinformation. It was a great APHA meeting, and a huge pleasure to meet you. #APHA2019 @PublicHealth @AMJPublicHealth

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The role of #bigdata and #socialmedia in fighting the threat of #vaccinemisinformation #vaccine #publichealth #APHA2019 @AlfredoMorabia @APHAAnnualMtg @PublicHealth @AMJPublicHealth

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Great discussion about #vaccinemisinformation and what we can do as public health professionals to educate parents and general public. What are your thoughts? #immunization #APHA2019 @AlfredoMorabia @APHAAnnualMtg @PublicHealth @AMJPublicHealth

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