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Find at YouTube NETFLIX webseries #tribhangatrailer @ Whistling Woods International

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Which is your favourite look? @mipalkar #mithilapalkar #tribhangatrailer

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I’m so excited to see Anu 😩😍
Tribhanga on Netflix 15th January 😍 #tribhangatrailer #tribhanga #kajol @itsKajolD @NetflixIndia @renukash

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She’s so cute! We’re all hyped for #Tribhanga

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*Does a happy dance while watching @itsKajolD reacting to comments on the #Tribhanga trailer.*

@mipalkar @renukash @ikunaalroykapur @Meena_Iyer @ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @KumarMangat

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Mithila Palkar started her career on web platforms, but it is #Kajol who will mark her debut with #Tribhanga. It will be interesting to see how this turns out to be.

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi
@NetflixIndia #TribhangaTrailer

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#Tribhanga has been produced under the #AjayDevgan films banner, the story has interestingly written by #RenukaShahane, which makes it more exciting to wait for this #female centric drama.

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi
@NetflixIndia #TribhangaTrailer

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The social issue drama seems to be an emotional ride and could turn out to be a good watch. The movie releases on January 15 on the OTT platform, Netflix.

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi
@NetflixIndia #Tribhanga #TribhangaTrailer

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As far as the looks of the #TribhangaTrailer are concerned, it does display a dysfunctional relationship of Kajol who is a classical dancer, with her mother who is a writer. 

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi
@NetflixIndia #Tribhanga

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#Tribhanga is a story of 3 women of the same family from 3 generations, with Tanvi Azmi aka Abhanga being the nani, Kajol aka Tribhanga being the mom, Palkar aka Samabhanga, the daughter.

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi
@NetflixIndia #TribhangaTrailer

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Black and white montage from #TribhangaTrailer 😭 omg our baby Anu had a traumatic childhood 💔 @itsKajolD will do so much justice to this role, im certain!

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@renukash @ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @itsKajolD @mipalkar @Meena_Iyer @KumarMangat @NetflixIndia Fantastic trailer @renukash tai 👌👌, all the best👍👍.. eagerly waiting to watch it

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Bollywood superstars Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar pour in good wishes for Kajol’s upcoming digital film, ‘Tribhanga’. #TribhangaTrailer #KajolTribhangaTrailer

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शानदार जबरदस्त धमाकेदार #TribhangaTrailer @NetflixIndia
@itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi
Director - @renukash
जबरदस्त धमाकेदार टीम @ajaydevgn @ranaashutosh10

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Tribhanga Official Trailer REVIEW | Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Tanvi Azmi, Kunaal Roy Kapur| JyotiSpeaks

#JyotiSpeaks #Tribhanga #TribhangaTeaser #TribhangaTrailer #TribhangaReview #TribhangaMovieReview #kajol #mithilaplkar #bollywoodnews

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#TribhangaTrailer 1M View
Premier 15 January 2021,
Only on
@ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @itsKajolD @mipalkar @KumarMangat @renukash
Congratulations Team

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POLL - #TribhangaTrailer.
15 January, only on @NetflixIndia
@ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @itsKajolD @mipalkar @Meena_Iyer @KumarMangat @renukash

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Our take on @renukash's #TribhangaTrailer that sees a dysfunctional family finding their way back to each other.

@itsKajolD @tanviazmi @mipalkar @NetflixIndia

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#TribhangaTrailer crossed #1million views on Youtube within 24 hours & getting so much Love and warm wishes from all over the world.Congratulations Queen @itsKajolD great comeback😍♥🎉
#kajol #Tribhanga

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And #TribhangaTrailer crossed the 1M views in 24 hours, with so many love and warm wishes for the strong come back of the queen @itsKajolD congrats you deserve this love
#Kajol #Tribhanga

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#Kajol starring Matriarchal Family Drama #Tribhanga will be an interesting watch

@Tribhanga @kajol @renukash @tanviazmi @mithilapalkar @ajaydevgn #Bollywood #Movietalkies #TribhangaTrailer

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@renukash #TribhangaTrailer @itsKajolD its jst started 2021 & its goin to be ruled by da trio under ur umbrella... u hv always been a Sirius the 🌟.. Love U Mam... awaiting for another milestone of Indian Cinema.

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The trailer has got me excited! The story has got me interested. I wanna know what caused this huge rift between both mother & daughter. I'm sure #Tribhanga will be worth the wait. Also you know if a project has both @itsKajolD and #TanviAzmi it's gonna be good! #TribhangaTrailer

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Wow Unbelievable #TribhangaTrailer
#Tribhanga @itsKajolD
Maam and Your Role Is Unbelievable,Amazing👌🏻👌🏻 and LooKs Very Beautiful👌🏻👌🏻 and Can't Wait For Movie Times and So So Excited Maam👍👍

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@renukash wish you the best mam for #Tribhanga looks different and a refreshing tale .looking forward to this one .. ♥️ excited to see your directorial debut.. #TribhangaTrailer @NetflixIndia

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Always been a great a fan of your work @itsKajolD , her impact is such that you feel it so deep . Loved the trailer and looking forward to this emotional ride @ajaydevgn . All the best to the team .
#Tribhanga #TribhangaTrailer #Netflix @NetflixIndia @ADFFilms

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We need to live on our own
term, says @itsKajolD

The lead cast of #Tribhanga ,
which marks the digital debut
of the Dilwale actor, speak
about the uniqueness of their roles.

#TribhangaTrailer #Kajol

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@itsKajolD is evergreen of film industry #TribhangaTrailer .

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oh gosh i go back to work tomorrow after being on winter break (for my new followers, i’m a teacher lol) at least i got to enjoy deepika’s birthday and the #TribhangaTrailer with everyone!

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Ok guys I thought I would have to wait until I ggt home from school to watch tribhanga but now schools are closed and we’re in another lockdown I can watch it straight away 🥳 I’m soo excited #Tribhanga #TribhangaTrailer #nationallockdown

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Tribhanga Trailer - An Amazing line up of actors. Eagerly waiting for the film

@itsKajolD @mipalkar @renukash #Tribhanga #TribhangaTrailer #TribhangaOnNetflix #ReleasingSoon

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#Tribhanga, the story of 3 women dealing with their lives to premier on Jan 15 on @NetflixIndia !
Details Inside

#Tribhanga #TribhangaTrailer #Netflix #Tellychakkar

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2021 looking good thanks to this... #TribhangaTrailer #Tribhanga

Lovely to see these super talented women - @itsKajolD @mipalkar @tanviazmi come together on screen thanks to @NetflixIndia.

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I can't watch to watch the movie


Super excited! She has such a massive screen presence. Just love her ❤️❤️❤️

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Tribhanga Trailer: काजोल फिर लौटीं अपने बिंदास और बेधड़क रोल में, तीन पीढ़ियों की अद्भुत कहानी
#TribhangaTrailer #Tribhanga #Kajol #TanviAzmi

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Nobody is perfect. #Tribhanga, premieres 15 January, only on Netflix.

@itsKajolD @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @mipalkar @renukash @ikunaalroykapur @Meena_Iyer @KumarMangat @NetflixIndia

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Tribhanga, matlab, tedhi, medhi, crazy, but sexy. #Tribhanga, premieres 15 January, only on Netflix.

@ajaydevgn @ADFFilms @Banijayasia @deepak30000 @NegiR @AlchemyFilms @sidpmalhotra @ParagDesai @mipalkar @renukash @Meena_Iyer @KumarMangat @netflix

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