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@PANDORA999 @BeckenhamBooks @paulocoelho The Archer not listed on this site either. Claimed to be an alternative to Amazon but a pretty crap website. Something very odd going on. Monica or Paulo need to raise with publisher. #books #TheArcher

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@PANDORA999 @BeckenhamBooks @paulocoelho Bookshop needs to raise with publisher as may not be aware there is a problem. Paulo and Monica could do the same. #books #TheArcher

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@PANDORA999 @BeckenhamBooks @paulocoelho Ask in bookshop what she means does not show on her screen, and ask to look. It is probably showing as not available or not found, which means not stocked by publisher or distributer. Could also mean not searched correctly. #books #TheArcher

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@PANDORA999 @BeckenhamBooks @paulocoelho I am not suggesting order from Amazon, I am saying they can deliver, whereas does not show on Waterstone's, which suggests a publisher or distribution problem. #books #TheArcher

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Are there any problems @BBbookshop obtaining The Archer @paulocoelho latest book? #books #TheArcher

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@PANDORA999 @BeckenhamBooks @paulocoelho You need to ask them what problems they are encountering? It was not on display in WHSmith which was open during lockdown. Not on display at Gatwick Airport. #books #WHSmith #TheArcher

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Just out of lockdown and my local bookshop @BeckenhamBooks was unable to order @paulocoelho ‘s new book - #TheArcher and says a lot of problems, (poor #highstreets everywhere in UK) except for online retailers of course ... @keithpp

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@paulocoelho your words speak of Truth and the Way... Muito Obrigado... Oss! #TheArcher #Bestseller #tuesdaymotivations

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Best book I have read recently.

🏹 The Archer by @paulocoelho


Pure wisdoms packed in few pages


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In his new book, THE ARCHER, @paulocoelho shares practical lessons to create a meaningful and rewarding life.
#TheArcher #PauloCoelho #TuesdayThoughts

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@alexandrasavior takes the cake for album of the year for me in 2020 with #TheArcher. This album has been the one constant in my music rotation since January. She definitely tapped into something with this one. It's special. Check her out

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Alexandra Savior @alexandrasavior #35mm #feelings #thearcher @30thcenturyrecords @ Los Angeles, California

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A reminder ❤️

#thearcher #PauloCoelho

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Just ordered ‘The Archer’, Paulo Coelho’s new book for my week off next week 😊 looking forward to it already 📚 #thearcher #paulocoelho #favouriteauthors

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Excited to read the book #TheArcher by Coelho 💜

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@paulocoelho I’ve been rereading my The Alchemist copy which I got 13 years ago, I feel like I need to read it before I receive my preorder #TheArcher copy. I can’t wait to dive into another life adventure once I have it. All the love from Manila, Maestro!

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@paulocoelho There are only 2 types of perfect people a] dead ones b] those who are not yet born. #TheArcher Paulo Coelho

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“Some people around you will not understand your journey. They don't need to; it's not for them.”

(Coelho, The Archer)

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..on a Day you are out of Love in Life .....

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I love how @taylorswift13 adds key words to common phrases to emphasize a particular point. like 'easy *they* come, easy *they* go in #thearcher and 'our coming-of-age has come and gone' in peace. her mind ya'll. #Folklore #TaylorSwift #taylornation @taylornation13

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Sadece 2 tür mükemmel insan vardır
a] ölü olanlar
b] henüz doğmamış olanlar.

#TheArcher Paulo Coelho

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Alexandra Savior | Live | Mercury Lounge NYC | February 18, 2020 via @YouTube

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Here is my piece of inspiration, which I needed most at the moment. Thank you for this inspiration @paulocoelho
Love from #India. #TheArcher

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love reading this book and shall be coming up with a book review soon #thearcher #PauloCoelho #Livebeforeyoudie

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Enjoying a quiet night with a new book. #PauloCoelho #TheArcher

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Order Now At Kitab Yatra !!
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#kitabyatra #StaySafe #StayCreative #EnjoyReading

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Just started reading and I’m already transfixed #TheArcher So grateful that it’s a beautiful day and I’m going to sit and read it in its entirety!

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@amazonbooks @paulocoelho When will the Kindle version be released? #TheArcher #PauloCoelho

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@Appleandroidapp Alice? Who the fuck is Alice? #TheArcher

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I was handed my very first @paulocoelho book at the mere age of 10. #TheAlchemist was the very first book, which inspired me to follow my dreams. After revering Paulo all these years & reading almost all his books, comes his book #TheArcher which speaks volumes to my ❤️

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Different culture, same philosophy @paulocoelho #TheArcher

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Read it in Amazon Kindle without wait. #thearcher @paulocoelho
Joy is contagious! So lets spread it.

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex
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